6-ти the summer child finished badly with a lighter … to a fire and almost burned own house

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To what leads carelessness of parents and prank of children with fire? It is possible to be convinced on a concrete example. On June 15 down the street Cathedral the cities of Bashtanka of the Nikolaev area on the private farmstead, belonging 66 - the summer woman, the fire began. The message on ignition arrived on the 01 panel at 15.04. In three minutes rescuers of Bashtansky regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations already worked at a call place. Fire stormed on the area of 25 square meters in a sennik. Tongues of flame reached a roof nearby being at home with a summer kitchen. It was succeeded to put out a fire in half an hour. As it became clear, in some hours before the six-year-old grandson of the hostess of the house took cover from eyes of adults near a semi-ton sennik. There 6-ти the summer boy began to play with a lighter while the grandmother was in kitchen. The dry grass instantly flashed, and in only a few minutes all shed with hay already blazed. The scared boy ran for help to the grandmother. In the house, except the hostess and the boy, I was also the two-year-old sister of the instigator. The hostess of the house brought members of household to neighbors, from where reported in the Ministry of Emergency Situations about fire. Construction with hay where the grandson plaid pranks, burned out completely. Damage from a fire insignificant, however consequences could be much more sad, if not a timely call on "01".

"In the Nikolaev area since the beginning of year there were 8 fires from - for childish pranks to flammable subjects, - the deputy chief of GU Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area Sergey Korogod speaks. - Except considerable material losses, fire ruthlessly takes away also lives of kids. Dear adults, parents! Be attentive to your children! At all don't leave kids without supervision. Leaving the house where children remain with the turned-on TV, the burning furnace where matches and lighters are stored in an available place, you remember: they in a zone of deadly risk! To protect, explain, stop prank of children with fire is a business of adults. "


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