In Nikolayevshchina in 2008 of 180 people were traumatized on production

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At the beginning of February, 2009 the board of the State Committee on industrial safety, labor protection and mountain supervision with the assistance of territorial administrations of all areas took place, reports a press - Gosgorpromnadzor service.

On board the condition of industrial safety in 2008 was considered. For last year, except for the last months, in Ukraine the tendency to growth of an internal gross product remained. At growth of economic activity by 2,3% level of the general traumatism in the country is lowered by 11%, or about 2 thousand cases. 1005 people that is 15% less, than in 2007 were fatally injured.

In Nikolayevshchina the general traumatism decreased. So, in 2008 180 people (in 2007 - 234 people) were injured. Deadly traumatism remained at the level of 2007.

Definition of the main priorities the current year, among which became an important question on board:

- increase of safe conducting works on coal mines;

- strengthening of the state supervision in the gas industry, and in particular behind gas use in a life;

- in respect of the legislation - employer's liability increase for a condition of industrial safety at the enterprises;

- improvement of methodology of the state supervision;

- in the management plan labor protection - regulatory base. Timely adoption of regional programs of improvement of safety of work in areas and control of their performance;

- strengthening of structures of territorial administrations by legal services.

As the Chairman of committee of the Gosgorpromnadzor noted, the main accent of all priorities of structure - to direct effort to the prevention of accidents, instead of to elimination of their consequences.


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