To future drivers will suggest to hand over blood

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The chief physician of the Nikolaev regional station of blood transfusion Valery Chinyakov wants to address to the governor of the Nikolaev area with the offer on blood delivery by graduates of the automobile courses getting the driver's license.

Not a secret what exactly at accidents on roads of area for rescue of life of people and the help to victims often is required blood transfusion. It is especially difficult to find for donors from the rare - 4-й a blood type of a negative Rhesus factor. As a rule, in stocks of station of transfusion daily there is no more than one package, i.e. one dose of such blood. Therefore also the address to newly made drivers is quite logical.

In the Nikolaev area and the city only 67 driving schools which monthly let out listeners work. They can quite join ranks of donors and hand over blood for choice: free of charge or for money.

Besides donors have certain privileges: 2 days off with preservation of a salary or attached to holiday, a free dinner in cafe.

Valery Chinyakov emphasized that blood delivery - business especially voluntary, anybody won't force anybody, and the address is calculated only on consciousness of our citizens.


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