Nikolaev Mchsniki remind of danger of mercury

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Annually in the country and the Nikolaev area cases of detection by citizens, and also children of dangerous metal - mercury are fixed. Very few people distinctly know, what dangerous properties it possesses.

Mercury - metal серебристо - white color, in usual conditions easily mobile liquid which at blow is divided into small balls, is 13,5 times heavier than water. Melting temperature - + 38,90C. With temperature increase evaporation of mercury increases. Vapors of mercury and its connection are very poisonous.

With hit in a human body through respiratory organs, mercury accumulates and remains there for the rest of life.

The most admissible concentration of vapors of mercury is established: for inhabited, preschool, educational and working rooms - 0,0003 mg/m3; for production rooms - 0,0017 mg/m3. Concentration of vapors of mercury in air over 0,2 mg/m3 causes sharp poisoning of a human body.

What main symptoms of poisoning with vapors of mercury?

Symptoms of sharp poisoning are shown in 8-24 hours: the general weakness, headache begins and temperature increases; over time - belly-aches, dissonance of a stomach, hurt gums.

Chronic poisoning is a consequence of inhalation of small concentration of vapors of mercury throughout long time. Symptoms of such poisoning: decrease in working capacity, fast fatigue, easing of memory and headache is; the catarrhal phenomena are in some cases possible from the top airways, bleeding of the gums, easy trembling of hands and dissonance of a stomach. Long time of any signs can not be, but then fatigue, weakness, drowsiness gradually increases; appear - a headache, apathy and emotional instability; the speech is violated, hands, eyelids, and in hard cases - feet and all body shiver. Mercury strikes nervous system, and long influence it causes even madness.

What actions of the population at insignificant spill of mercury?

If the mercury thermometer is indoors broken:

• bring out of the room of all people, first of all children, disabled people, people of old age, pets;
• as much as possible isolate from people the polluted room, densely close all doors;open wide open all windows indoors where found mercury;
• protect respiratory organs at least a damp gauze bandage;
• immediately start collecting mercury: collect the syringe big balls and immediately dump them in a glass jar with solution (2 g of potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate) on 1 liter of water), smaller balls collect a brush on paper and too dump in bank. To bank densely close a cover. Vacuum cleaner use for mercury collecting - is forbidden except for those vacuum cleaners where the container for garbage (disposable) is provided;
• wash up the polluted places mylno - soda solution (400 grams of soap and 500 grams of the calcinated soda on 10 liters of water) or potassium permanganate solution (potassium permanganate (20 grams on 10 liters of water));
• close the room after processing so that they weren't connected to other rooms and air within three days;
• keep in the room, whenever possible, temperature not lower than 18-200C for reduction of terms of processing during carrying out all works;
• clean and wash out the concentrated solution, almost black solution of potassium permanganate of a sole of footwear if you stepped on mercury.
If mercury it is poured more, than in a thermometer?
• It is necessary to bring out of the room of all people, pets, to give help to children, disabled people and people of old age - they are subject to evacuation first of all;
• to protect respiratory organs at least a damp gauze bandage;
• to open wide open all windows;
• to isolate most polluted room, having densely closed all doors;
• quickly to collect documents, values, medicines, products and other necessary things;
• виключить electricity and gas to extinguish fire in ovens before an exit from the house;
• immediately to call experts through local government body concerning emergency situations and civil protection of the population. As a last resort - to call by phone in militia.
Fight against a large amount of mercury and its vapors the very difficult. Chemists call it a demerkurization.
What ways of carrying out a demerkurization are?
Demerkurization is carried out by two ways:
• the chemist - mechanical - mechanical collecting balls of mercury with further processing of the polluted surface chemical р


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