In Kerch stray dogs bit 6 - the summer girl

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7-го June in 3-й department of the Kerch municipal government of militia the message from emergency medical service Station that 6-го June around country cooperative "Voykovets" down the street stray dogs bit Builders 6 - the summer girl arrived.

This incident was commented by the chief of the Kerch municipal government militia major Anatoly Misyura: the country site of parents of the girl is in the same Voykovets cooperative. Earlier the child together with the 12 - the summer brother and 4 - the summer sister fed the stray dog who has lodged near their giving. About about 2-3 weeks ago a dog, to pleasure of children, ощенилась. Cares at children increased. Anybody, of course, couldn't assume, than such sincere friendship of kids with an animal will turn back.

On Friday evening 6 - summer Sofiyka with the sister carried, as always, food for four-footed "young mother". Sofiyka took one of puppies in hand. In the fulness of the heart I pressed it to myself, the puppy began to whimper. Here at this moment the dog snatched on the girl. And suddenly 7 more dogs who joined it jumped out of nearby bushes, having frightened to death of the stunned child.

Fortunately, the little sister didn't become puzzled, ran, told about trouble to the father. The come tearing along father drove away a stick rack. But to the girl were already put numerous bitten and lacerations.

The girl was hospitalized with the diagnosis: painful shock, the numerous bitten wounds. Doctors carried out expeditious treatment. Late at night 7-го June the injured child is sent by sanitary aircraft to resuscitation unit of the Crimean republican children's clinic. Now doctors fight for life of the baby.


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