From - for "greed" of NGZ the center of the Ship area was cut off at 2 o'clock from "civilization"

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Yesterday, on February 24, around 21.00 approximately two railway crossings through which it is possible to get to the center of the Ship area (the region of the Buffet reception supermarket) were blocked at 2 o'clock, and also to leave it.

In the center of this area conduct two roads, on one of which - Oktyabrsky Avenue - the railway crossing is equipped with barriers and a dispatching office, and on the second which is in the area of hlebzavod, moving is equipped with only signal lights.

The loaded structure which moved from NGZ became the reason of long traffic jams. As the dispatcher who was already tired to listen to negative statements of taxi drivers and marshrutchik in the address explained to our correspondent, "the structure dumped speed, passing turn and as at it more than 50 "chock-full" loaded cars, it couldn't extend them and stopped. And a barrier don't allow to open".

The people revolted with waste of time, threatened that will complain in all instances.

At this time the driver tried to get moving forward structure which stopped literally in 50-ти meters from Oktyabrsky Avenue.

In this situation all were revolted, and here the behavior of staff of GAI surprised nobody: they fast exposed two dresses on both railway crossings, depriving of drivers of the slightest chance to cross the railroad, and watched how cars rush about from one moving to another.

We will remind that for violation of the rules of journey of railway crossings one of the most heavy fines is provided.

Responsible 2-x an hour delay of transport, according to the drivers who have gathered near a dispatching office, became NGZ plant.

Already today it became known that at night about ten cars returned back on plant as from - for overloads of cars the structure couldn't reach to the destination.


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