Arbuzinsky rescuers extended from an ice ice-hole of the drunk inhabitant of the Nikolaev area

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In attempt to pass the lake in 70-ти meters from the coast 38 summer inhabitant пгт Abruzinka of the Nikolaev area failed under ice.

On February 25 at 22:41 to the dispatcher of SGPCh-6 of Arbuzinsky RO GU Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine in Nikolaev areas the message from the alarmed inhabitant of the settlement Arbuzink arrived, about that that on the lake under ice the person got. The man heard calls for help which were distributed from darkness from the reservoir middle.

Urgently to the place of an event it was directed on duty pozharno - saving office on protection of the Arbuzinsky area on quickly - the saving car led by the acting as the chief of part Dmitry Nabozhinsky. On arrival the decision to involve an inflatable boat with a necessary survival equipment on water was into place made.

Prolamlivy scrap thin ice before the rubber boat rescuers - the acting as the chief of guard Sergey Torba and the firefighter Alexander Reznichenko - reached a failure place. To secure ashore there was a commander of office Alexander Shandra.

Having come nearer on distance of five meters rescuers saw that in an armhole there is a man without outerwear, things were scattered on ice round an armhole. The man was strongly frightened, held an ice edge. Attempts to get out independently came to an end unsuccessfully, ice burst and crumbled under body weight.

Rescuers threw the lifebuoy attached by a rope to the aid of the victim. Holding a circle in hand, the man calmed down, having realized that there arrived the help, and his life already is threatened nothing. The Ministries of Emergency Situations - nicknames tried to extend the victim on the boat, but they didn't manage it. The man was in an alcohol intoxication and didn't control the actions. Besides the weight of the victim made about hundred kilograms, and the got wet clothes added about ten more. The decision not to extend it on the boat, and to tow to the coast on a lifebuoy was made, breaking five-centimetric ice. Having reached the coast, injured transferred to employees of crew of an emergency medical service of Arbuzinsky regional hospital. After survey by medical workers the victim was directed home. State of health rescued the satisfactory.

As it became clear, 38 - ми the summer local of the settlement Abruzinka of the Nikolaev area, coming back home, I decided to reduce a way. I went straight - on ice through a pond, and in 70-ти meters from the coast I failed. Thanks to destiny, the man didn't drown. But, attempt to reduce the way by any 200 meters, almost cost it life.

Dear inhabitants of Nikolayevshchina, be careful on ice and don't neglect elementary safety rules, warns the Center of promotion of GU MINISTRY OF EMERGENCY SITUATIONS of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.


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