The Nikolaev family which moved to live to Odessa, was lost from a faulty water heater. In a death toll - two children

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The reasons of mysterious death of the whole family in Odessa are already known. We will remind, bodies of four people among which and two kids, found in the apartment on the ninth floor.

About unclear death of four people in the dormitory area of Odessa hearings still go. The husband and the wife together with children - the 3-detny girl and 4 - the monthly boy - rented two years one-room apartment. Bodies of victims were found by the hostess of housing.

Sergey Didkovsky, the head a press - services Ministries of Emergency Situations of Ukraine in Odessa region: "According to the hostess of the apartment, she since February 18 came to receive a rent. But doors were constantly locked. It caused service on opening of doors and when they came into the apartment, four lost persons" saw.

Neighbors practically know nothing about victims, communicated infrequently. Visitors, from Yuzhnoukrainsk the Nikolaev area. I heard about their death of very few people.

Neigbour: "And how you learned what they died? - Well, the militia arrived, relatives. - Started them looking for or what? - Yes, started looking for. Simply and at work long didn't appear".

Experts didn't find on bodies of signs of violent death. And here physicians are unambiguous: the family poisoned with carbon monoxide.

Investigators found out, the head of the family installed the gas equipment. I put a water heater and, after all in a family there is a small child. However I considered not everything.

Alexander Zalevsky, head of criminal militia of Suvorovsky RO of militia of Odessa: "In addition it was necessary to put the equipment, and not in the general ventilation, and on specifications. To us explained, they lived on the 9th floor, probably, still there are people who cold or don't have enough heating, it is possible to the fifth floor. And above unambiguously forbid. Anybody with anybody didn't coordinate. It installed this gas-heating equipment".

The water heater is established with violation of technical norms. Exhaust gas arrived to the apartment, instead of in the air-channel. All got poisoned by fumes at night or at daybreak. Adults rescued children, but weren't in time.

Alexander Zalevsky, head of criminal militia of Suvorovsky RO of militia of Odessa: "The wife found in a corridor, near a baby carriage, and two children near the father in a bed.And a barrel to which they tried to give help, splashed a throat to eliminate poisoning symptoms, nausea, tickled in a throat. That is splashed, but result such of which you know".

Things of the lost family from the apartment took away native, having left on the street, near an entrance, a cardboard box from a water heater.


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