"Zhiguli" and "Chevrolet" faced on Ingulsky Bridge

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Today, on February 27, between 16:00 and 16:30, on Ingulsky Bridge there was a road accident. On a bridge strip which conducts towards Admiralskaya Street, two cars - white "Zhiguli" and dark-blue "Chevrolet" faced.

The version occurred to the correspondent of "N News" was stated by the driver of "Chevrolet". He told that moved in the left row. Unexpectedly it was "cut" by "Zhiguli" of dark color which tried to go round a hole on the bridge. The driver of "Chevrolet" "took" to the left to leave from collision, and left on an oncoming lane. Having returned to the row, he noticed white "Zhiguli" standing ahead, but didn't manage to brake.

As a result of accident "Zhiguli" got a dent on back part, and the owner of "Chevrolet" should repair the beaten front bumper.


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