In the Central district of Nikolaev of 150 people will be involved in public works

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One of options of a solution of the problem of unemployment for the faces consisting on the account in the Center of employment - paid public works. The person occupied on them will be able, going on the dole, to have an additional source of the income.
Public works are public types of unskilled works, and also the qualified works which are organized for the purpose of providing additional social support and providing temporary employment of persons who look for work.

These works are carried out only on temporary workplaces specially created for this purpose and totally shouldn't exceed 180 days within calendar year.

Since January 13, 2009 the law of Ukraine "About modification of some laws of Ukraine concerning reduction of influence of world financial crisis by the sphere of employment of the population" according to which participation in paid public robots is considered suitable work came into force. Refusal of the unemployed of two offers of suitable work involves the termination of payment of a dole.

Paid public works have to have socially - a useful orientation, to meet needs of a community, the region and to render assistance to their social development. Types of paid public works are defined by local public administrations, executive bodies of the relevant councils.

Considering a crisis situation on a labor market, paid public works, with compensation of a salary for the account of fund of obligatory state social insurance on an unemployment case are especially actual.
We will designate that at the expense of fund expenses of employers on compensation of only those persons who for the period of participation in public robots, don't receive the help with unemployment can be financed. Work of the unemployed receiving the help with unemployment, during participation in public works is paid only at the expense of means of the employer.

In October - December, 2008 the regional Center of employment signed contracts with the Central city library of M. L.Kropivnitsky and administration of the Central district according to which for paid public works, at the expense of fund, 21 persons were directed.

The list of works included works on:

• to improvement and gardening of the territory of the Central district, Varvarovk, Matveevk, Ternovk's residential districts, and also other enterprises, establishments and organizations;
• to the equipment of children's, sports and other grounds of the Central district;
• to arrangement of a city cemetery, monuments;
• to repair in establishments which are in municipal property of a territorial community;
• to cleaning of roadsides of roads;
• to arrangement of the yards and kitchen gardens of lonely aged citizens;
• to care of persons of old age and disabled people;
• to care of patients in healthcare institutions;
• on restoration of a library stock in libraries;
• works in archives with documentation;
• agricultural works.

For a year it is planned to involve in public works of 150 people, from them: at the expense of fund of obligatory state social insurance on an unemployment case - 62 unemployed, 88-for means of employers.

Total amount of money which are planned for the organization of works by Fund, makes 50 thousand UAH, reports a press - service of administration of the Central district.


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