In February the Nikolaev area transferred about 120 million UAH that is 18,5% more planned

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With deepening of financial crisis and situation deterioration in the majority of branches of economy there was a threat of sharp falling of volumes of tax revenues. Thus inevitably the social sphere depending on the budget would suffer. Fortunately, practice confirmed the fact of excessive pessimism of some experts. At least, in Nikolayevshchina the plan of taxation is implemented.

According to the Public tax administration in the Nikolaev area, collecting in the General fund of the state budget in January of this year is executed for 101,7 percent, in February - for 118,5 percent. At a task of 100,8 million hryvnias, 119,5 million are collected. At the heart of these assignments - a profit tax, the part of profit deducted by public industries, and the VAT. If to speak about specific payers, the lion's share of receipts in the state budget is provided today by the state enterprises "Zorya" - "Mashproyekt" and "the Delta - the Pilot". So, within January - February of "Zorya" - "Mashproyekt" the Delta - the Pilot" about 27 million hryvnias transferred more than 28 million hryvnias, ". Brought the contribution in implementation of the budgetary forecasts and ports of our region. About it reports a press - service GNA in the Nikolaev area.

Unfortunately, receipts in the general fund of the state budget from such large enterprises, as JSC NGZ, JSC Sandora, JSC Yug-Tsement and some others. decreased. Reasons different. So, according to the deputy head of the Public tax administration in the Nikolaev area Anjelica Tsimbalyuk, JSC NGZ, being the enterprise - the exporter, in principle has to use advantages of the increased exchange rate, however import by plant of large volumes of raw materials (first of all - bauxites) and considerable reduction of prices of aluminum in the world market nullifies them. And in the conditions of the compelled reduction by the company aluminum production RUSAL, the income of JSC NGZ were reduced to a minimum. At the JSC Yug-Tsement enterprise the modernization connected with transition to other type of fuel is carried out: instead of expensive gas coal will be used.In the future it will give to tsemzavod considerable economy of means, but today, against considerable reduction of demand for production of the enterprise, profit on tax accounting the plant has no, and, respectively, - there are no contributions to the state budget.


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