In Nikolaev property of debtors on heat it is seized, and they don't know about it

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Property of debtors on heat it is seized, and they don't know about it. The head of OKP told yesterday about it "Nikolaev regional heatpower" V. Bereznitsky on air of Mart TV channel.

It becomes in order that citizens who have a considerable debt on heat payment, couldn't resell or renew the apartments (a car, etc.) on other persons before by a court decision the personal and real estate will be withdrawn from them on account of debt repayment.

He also declared that the road crews consisting of representatives of the enterprise, the staff of executive service and militia who after the termination of the working day visit malicious debtors are now created, describing their property. Considering that debtors usually interfere with similar actions, without opening a door, these crews can have sanctions of vessels on compulsory penetration into the dwelling of the debtor.

V. Bereznitsky explained such extraordinary measures with rigid requirements of a recreation center "Gas of Ukraine" to the heatgeneration companies of all forms of ownership in time to pay for the put gas.

It as complained that today the enterprise has no legal opportunity to move debtors by a court decision in less dimensional housing that they could in time and pay necessary services in full. Also I hoped that soon it will be legislatively settled.

The head of "Nikolayevoblteploenergo" declared that today to its enterprise ran into debt 38 million UAH from which 30 million UAH are owed by the city of Nikolaev. Its enterprise ran into debt to suppliers of gas about 20 million UAH. He urged nikolayevets to pay in time for put heat and not to bring a situation to acceptance of extreme measures.


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