"The green economy" promises nikolayevets such a lot of garbage which becomes rather an a state of emergency, than norm

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At the closest session of the Nikolaev city council acceptance in a revolutionary way the new scheme of cleaning and garbage removal is expected. It during a round table in regional management of housing and communal services was declared by the director of Green Economy agrofirm, the chairman of the constant deputy commission of the City Council concerning improvement and housing and communal services Victor Burov.

He told that with adoption of law "About improvement" each local government acquired the right to develop, attached to the district, rules of improvement. In the profile deputy commission which he heads, for six months scrupulously developed rules which would help to solve an array of problems and with improvement of green plantings (it appears, in such big Nikolaev the specialized enterprises serve only 140 hectares), and with garbage cleaning.

- Having carried out the pilot project in different districts of the city, we proved that today more perfect scheme, than we made, Ukraine can't offer us, - Victor Burov assures.

When the new scheme of garbage removal only took root, there were fears that the people won't pay for rendered services. Fear didn't come true. Victor Burov cited as an example the Zavodsky area.

- If work if it it is visible if are put the container if work with the population if people see is conducted is organized that this garbage gets according to the schedule, in time, that the paradox turns out following: people simply pay.

In the Factory area, according to Burov, people in general never had contracts, the garbage was removed a method of the compelled, provoked spontaneous dumps, and then at the expense of the budget them simply took out. The first month of work showed that people won't spare expense for rendering services and performance of work which they see and really feel. Besides, the tariff is insignificant - more than six hryvnias from one person.

Victor Burov told that already final version of the scheme of garbage removal will be submitted for the following session of the City Council."Spetskommuntrans" subsidiary will be engaged in "Dirty business" on garbage removal.

Victor Burov predicts that 2009 and 2010 become a turning point in the solution of problems of a sanitary condition of the city.

- I think, by 2011 any a lot of garbage in the city of Nikolaev is there will be a problem, "event", it is rather a state of emergency, than norm which was in previous years when this scheme didn't work.

Victor Burov says that zhilishchno - the municipal services in the state are financed by the residual principle. And such question as improvement and gardening is financed on "the residual rest". But now, judging by his words, the situation with garbage in Nikolaev perelomno will change.


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