Europe could help Ukraine, but unity yet doesn't see

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The head of East committee of the German economy, the Berlin professor Rainer Lindner considers that the conflict of Ukraine and Russia will last still some time, and the European Union, in turn, has to analyse a question of support of Ukraine more intensively.

He declared it in interview to "The German wave".

Making comments on recent threats of Russia again to block supply of gas in case of failure to pay for it Ukraine, and also ability of our country to pay market price for gas, Lindner told:

"In recent days Kiev paid ("Gazprom"), but with the final answer it is necessary to wait still as the next rise in prices for gas is supposed. Besides, the Ukrainian budget works in very and very busy schedule. I think that the conflict of Ukraine and Russia will last still some time".

At the same time, the German expert noted that "the main thing that discussion process between Ukraine and Russia goes". "And if I speak about discussion, I mean constructive negotiations", - he emphasized.

"As for support from Europe, it is valid, both EU, and the international organizations, and Germany have to analyse a question of support of Ukraine more intensively. On March 23 the summit of Ukraine with the European Union on power is expected. I think, as possibilities of further assistance" will be discussed there, - Lindner noted.

"But in order that Europe was uniform in opinion and the desire to support, the main thing is to reach consolidation of the Ukrainian political space", - he emphasized.

On a question concerning possibility of granting by the European Union of the long-term credit to Ukraine "for the solution of dispute", Lindner answered:

"In this situation hardly to grant the loan as the European states too are in a difficult state. Certainly, it would facilitate all situation, but about the long-term credits now the speech doesn't go at all".

"While it is possible to speak about any temporary injections of the European states. But also it depends on readiness of Ukraine to discuss these questions, so to speak, one voice. We meanwhile don't see this unity (political leaders)", - he added.

At the same time, on a question: whether the active position of Brussels on support of Ukraine can provoke Russia to power actions against Ukraine, - Lindner answered:

"I think that power intervention isn't expected as all parties realize the political responsibility for situation development. I think that "the Georgian scenario" won't be. And it is good. The main thing now - to find in a constructive mode joint language between Ukraine and Russia. Probably, in the future the European Union will play a role of the third partner because EU is the main consumer of the Russian gas and services of the Ukrainian transit".


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