V. Novinsky will arrange production of rubble in the Nikolaev area?

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Vadim Novinsky's nonmetallic holding continues to acquire shchebnevy assets.

Rinat Akhmetov's younger partner on it is mountain - to metallurgical business continues to accustom in the rubble market. Last week under control to Vadim Novinsky "A smart - the holding" declared acquisition at the state drobilno - sorting plant in the village the Bald mountain of the Nikolaev area on the basis of which it is supposed to arrange production of rubble.

According to regional office of Fund of the state property in the Nikolaev area, unfinished drobilno - the sorting plant in the Bald mountain was sold for 5,77 million UAH at the starting price of 5,25 million UAH by the Buyer there was the Kharkov JSC Turstroy — Ukraine entering in "A smart - holding" the Russian businessman Vadim Novinsky. This company undertook to complete the acquired object within five years and to put it into operation, having invested on these purposes of 100 million UAH

Today, according to FGIU, readiness degree drobilno - the sorting plant which construction was frozen at the beginning of 90-x years from - for a lack of means, makes about 19%. In its structure - the case it is repair - a mechanical workshop, the bases administratively - the household case and a warehouse, some ditches and the asphalted road on more than 48 hectares of the territory. This ground as specify in the company of - on Novinsky, was acquired together with the enterprise.

Purchase of an unfinished state asset in "A smart - holding" explain with the plans for development of deposits of minerals in the Nikolaev area. In 2007 "Turstroy - Ukraine" got permission to development of the Mikhaylovsky granite field located here which stocks are estimated at the level of 150 million tons from the authorities. According to information "A smart - holding", acquired at the state drobilno - the sorting plant in the long term will be a part of the gornopererabatyvayushchy enterprise which creation is planned on the basis of the Mikhaylovsky field.

How many rubble is planned to let out on Lysogorsky drobilno - sorting plant after completion of its construction, in "A smart - holding" yet don't specify. However, proceeding from the declared volume of investment, it is doubtful that it is a question of volumes, less than 3 million tons a year. If the corresponding plans are realized, the enterprise becomes the largest producer of rubble in the Nikolaev area. Today a corresponding title the May Day pit the "Granite" entering into the Ukrainian mining company of Alexander Yaroslavsky possesses, last year it let out slightly less than 1 million tons.

However, there is one but: financial crisis provoked serious decline in demand for rubble both in Ukraine, and in Russia. According to the largest Ukrainian producer of this production of the Yunigran company Igor Naumts (in 2008 she sold more than 5 million tons), since the beginning of year in Russia consumption of rubble was reduced almost by 70% in comparison with the similar period of last year, and in Ukraine decreased more considerably. "In the Kiev region the largest producers of concrete, for example, reduced volumes of purchases of our rubble almost by 90%", - the general director "Yunigrana" Sergey Dynyak reported. The price of rubble from - for decreases in demand also fell: if in November, 2008 it made 115 UAH for ton, now - about 80 UAH. In Russia which for the last years was the main sales market for the Ukrainian producers of rubble, cost remains more attractive and holds at the level of 150 UAH ton.

Apparently, in "A smart - holding" these problems considered, and by preparation of the project the company considers own needs. According to the head of subholding of the nonmetallic materials "Smart — Holding" Alexander Yurkov, in the long term the Ochakov port in the Nikolaev area in which construction "A smart - the holding" is engaged since 2007

becomes the large consumer of production of lysogorsky plant

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