IFC "Nikolaev" signed contracts with players and I left on collecting for Nikopol

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After a short pause "Nikolaev" started again IFC trainings. In its structure the football players playing in Russia, Baltic, Moldova.

On Sunday March 15 the team trained at the Central city stadium, and then left to Nikopol on new collecting (as a part of IFC "Nikolaev" - 26 players). It will last till March 26, the team will carry out two times trainings and control meetings.

The head coach of team Mikhail Kalita told that a row a sparring - partners is already known. On March 17 the Nikolaev team will play with "Titan" (Armyansk), 19-го - with team of Kherson, 21-го - with "Star" (Kirovograd). Rivals in two following meetings become known a little later.

And the day before at club office contracts with 18-ю players were signed. The Nikolaev soccer is presented rather widely. These are players:

Bobko Andrey, goalkeeper, 1975. Before I supported "Field" (Vinnytsia);
Cholariya Timur, goalkeeper, 1992. Pupil of sports school of "Torpedo" (Nikolaev);
Gorobets Pavel, defender, 1988. Before I acted for "the Taurus - VAK" (Nikolaev);
Okhrimenko Artem, defender, 1988. Before I played for IFC "Nikolaev";
Goncharenko Evgeny,defender, 1984. Before I played for IFC "Nikolaev";
Veliyev Faramaz,halfback, 1985. Before I played for IFC "Nikolaev";
Tchaous Constantine,halfback, 1990. Before I supported "Dynamo" (Kiev), it is leased until the end of the championship;
Belous Andrey,forward, 1984. Before I supported "Torpedo" (Nikolaev);
Krivoruchko Evgeny,forward, 1983. Before I acted for "Voronovka".
Perspective football players from other clubs are invited in IFC "Nikolaev":
Smishko Roman,goalkeeper, 1983. Before I acted for "Wind" (Vilnius, Lithuania);
Vasilyev Alexander,halfback, 1988. Before already I played for IFC "Nikolaev";
Proshenko Artem,halfback, 1990. Before I played for FC "Sevastopol";
Mozhaev Maxim,halfback, 1984. Before Salute - Energy" (Belgorod, Russia) acted for ";
Rotan Alexey,halfback, 1986.Before I acted for "Kommunalnik" (Lugansk);
Lilyk Vitaly,halfback, 1981. Before I played for "Olympia" (Beltsy, Moldova);
Komyagin Yury,halfback, 1984. Before I played for FC "Desna" (Chernigov);
Kandaurov Andrey,forward, 1987. Before I played for FC "Obolon";
Dovzhik Roman,forward, 1982. Before I played for FC "Sevastopol".

Except them, on viewing in IFC "Nikolaev" there is also a group of other football players who have chance to prove on present training collecting. After its termination the final demand of IFC "Nikolaev" for participation in national championship in the second league also will be issued.

We continue to trace attentively news from camp of our team. Readers will be quickly informed on results of control games of IFC "Nikolaev".


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