Experts counted, how many people are ready to take to the streets

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Only 15,7% of Ukrainians are ready to come for protest actions from - for sharp deterioration of financial position.

Experts of Institute of Gorshenin which "The country project" summed up the results of the annual program of sociological researches of 2008 came to such conclusion, reports UNIAN.

According to data, the majority of respondents will look for the best options of employment, additional earnings, etc. On support from the enterprise, establishment count only 13% of respondents.

Experts note that there is at people also a hope for the help of relatives, but the majority counts only on itself.

Despite the critical relation of the population to the power, about a quarter of respondents hope that in the conditions of crisis the state will be able to give a certain support to the population and subjects of economic activity.

Over two thirds of Ukrainians aren't satisfied with existing system of provision of pensions: 39,5% of respondents, estimating this system, called it rather unsatisfactory, and 26% - completely unsatisfactory.

Completely the pension system of Ukraine only satisfies 2,5% of respondents and satisfies rather, than isn't present - 18,2%.

Also over two thirds of Ukrainians consider that the pension system existing in Ukraine needs to be reformed, opponents of pension reform in Ukraine only 7%.

60,6% of Ukrainians expect from pension reform of change of the principles of calculation of the state pension (with the fair accounting of an experience, a salary, working conditions and other indicators), every fourth would like that the age of an exit of citizens was reduced by pension; 13,3% of respondents hope for introduction of non-state pension insurance.

Experts note that the population of Ukraine traditionally inclines to habitual system of provision of pensions of the Soviet sample, even expectations of more fair calculation of level of pensions are connected with known factors from Soviet period - an experience and the salary size.

Concerning what has to be the domestic system of provision of pensions, 40,5% of respondents would like to see solidary pension system when funds for payment of pensions arrive from taxes of working citizens, 31,1% of respondents incline to accumulative system when pension assignments from a salary of the citizen collect on special accounts throughout his able-bodied period.

Researches were conducted by a method of individual interviews (face to face) and telephone surveys (CATI), and carried out in all regional centers of Ukraine, the cities of Kiev and Sevastopol.


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