The City Council will change structure of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies?

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On coming session of the Nikolaev city council which will take place on March 24, it is planned to order structure of bodies of the city power.

1. The department is created for performance of problems of high degree of complexity provided that in its structure there will be not less than two managements or four departments. The department director can have no more than two deputies one of which shouldn't head management or department.

At present in structure of the city power two departments - housing and communal services Department and Department of work and social protection of the population are registered. The director of the department of housing and communal services Vladimir Novozhilov if the draft decision is approved by deputies at session, should deprive of a prefix "deputy" of the two subordinated. Now (judging by information published on the official website of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies) at it four deputies, three of which head the managements entering into structure of Department.

2. Independent management (independent department, committee) - structural division of the one-branch (single-function) direction. Not less than two departments are a part of management. The independent department, committee is created as a part of not less than five employees (an exception departments of administration of the State register of the voters which staff can make not less than three employees make). Independent management the chief heads, committee - the chairman. They have the right to have no more than one deputy.

Now the chief of municipal financial management Valentina Bondarenko has two deputies. The chief of a municipal government of capital construction, reconstruction and repair Vladimir Guller has so many deputies also. Decision-making will mean that one of from deputies remains simply the head of department, entering structure both the first, and the second specified management.

3. The independent sector is created for performance of tasks of separate activity of the local government which function can't unite with functions of other structural divisions. Number - not less than two employees. The sector is headed by the manager.

Now with sectors "are equipped":department of the services sector easy, processing industry and support of business activity; department of the organization of trade, public catering, work of the markets and complexes of pavilions; accounting department; general department. Sectors have also management of work of Department of work and a social security, municipal financial management, town planning and architecture management. These sectors are headed by chiefs but if the draft decision is approved, they "will be renewed" on "managers".

This draft decision it is planned to provide also departments and sectors as a part of departments or separately taken managements. The regular number of department - not less than three people, and sectors - not less than two.

Other draft decision which is planned to consider at session, provides creation in structure of executive bodies of the Nikolaev city council of management of legal providing executive bodies.

Causes attention and the third draft decision which provides liquidation of some managements and departments and certain personnel shifts.

It is planned since April 1 to liquidate department of legal providing (after all there will be the whole management! ) and representation in Kiev (?), entering as it appeared, in structure of executive committee of city council. Legal departments in town planning and architecture management, management of land resources, management on use and development of municipal property, administration of Leninsky district, department of the account and housing distribution will be liquidated. The increase at two - three established posts of departments of maintaining the State register of the voters entering into structures of regional administrations is planned. At the same time, there will be also insignificant reductions of the service personnel (for example, the operator gas котельни and the operator of a computer set).


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