The pilot boat "Spritny" rescued the person

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On March 20 the pilot boat "Spritny" of GP "The Delta — the Pilot" worked on delivery of pilots in Dnepro - Bugsky seaport and Oktyabrsk port. About seven mornings the crew accepted a call on radio station "the person sinks".

In ten minutes the boat already was on a tragedy place, reported a press - service "The Delta — the Pilot".

"We saw the man. It was unconscious, something lowed. With the motor ship which stood nearby on an anchor, to it threw a lifebuoy, but the poor creature couldn't be hooked for it, so froze. Water temperature in the river was not higher than four degrees", - the captain "Dexterous" Igor Portnenko told.

The pilot board should approach end-to-end to the victim. The boat crew hands extended it aboard. The man was heavy, not less than hundred kilograms. From clothes on it there were only trousers and a sweater. It tried to warm in cabins - the boat companies, but the poor creature didn't recover. In five minutes on the mooring of Oktyabrsk port of the victim transferred to emergency doctors.

The man couldn't tell anything about himself to saviors. According to Igor Portnenko, it there was a fisherman. By sight - 45 years. Most likely, that morning it floated by the rubber boat to a fishing place. But something happened to the boat, it sank. Fortunately, the man managed to hold on long enough in cold water and to wait for the help.

Reference: GP "The Delta — the Pilot" exists since February, 1998.

The state enterprise "The Delta — the Pilot" carries out pilotage in Severo's sea and river ports - the Western part of the Black Sea (The Odessa, Nikolaev, Zaporozhye, Kherson areas and the Crimea). The director general of the enterprise - Golodnitsky Alexander Grigoryevich.

"The delta - the pilot" also provides a transit passage of the vessels to the river ports located on Dnepr.

Besides, "The delta - the pilot" carries out stroitelno - installation works on Danube — the Black Sea channel construction.


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