Theatrical "passions" on - Nikolaev: "Fiat" for dolls and "circle" for a scene

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Not far off on March 27 - World day of theater. And on the eve of this holiday yesterday, on March 25, heads of three Nikolaev theaters carried out a press - conference at which told about achievements of the establishments. And at theaters all as in life, and as on the symbolical picture with two masks - muses: is both good, and bad.

For example, it appeared that else last year very much I was particularly acute a question not that further, but even most that on there are existence of the Nikolaev puppet theater.

- At least, six architectural establishments gave the diagnosis - said that something is impossible today on those material resources to make, - the deputy governor Vladimir Lusta spoke. - But all - were people who found a way of a technical solution of this question.

This year the base, bearing parts was strengthened, conditions of stay in premises of theater of actors and production of suits are improved.

- Year is the building has to stand. We have to look as it behaves, experts are how right, - the theater director of dolls Victoria Tereshchenko told. - Opinions of experts dispersed concerning this building. One said that it in general should be taken down and put new on this place, others said that it is possible to strengthen the base and to attach the second floor.

- For many years for the first time we had opportunity to get the minibus "Fiat", - the director continued. - For anybody not a secret that the puppet theater is the most traveling theater. And conditions for people which the most part of the work carry out "on wheels", it is the important fact.

Approximately a week ago "Fiat" returned from re-equipment from White Church. It will be the passenger-and-freight minibus with nine seats (according to V. Tereshchenko, it is quite enough of it for small performance) and a cargo compartment.

- Repair the vakhtyorskikh and in sewing shop is made. It leaves much to be desired is simple our "Achilles' heel" - our fake shops. This place where the puppet theater where dolls where they are made fasten is created initially.There simply superdangerous structure. There it is still more difficult, than with the main building.

The efforts suffice and in Nikolayevskomm art Russian drama theater. The director of this theater Nikolay Kravchenko noted that the problem of accident rate exists and in this establishment. Repair was, but reconstruction is suspended for three years. Last year funds of 1 million 100 thousand which continue to accustom are allocated.

- Many rooms still are in the destroyed state, but business moved off dead center, - Nikolay Kravchenko speaks. - People have to come not only to pleasure institutions on Soviet, but also in theater where they will receive certain other extent of entertainment - for people who want to think, want to feel not at the level of beer drinking... Because the theater exists throughout two and a half thousand years. And in Ancient Greece to become the patron of theater, you had to not only have money and readiness to give them to theater - you have to have still very high moral qualities. However, we are now ready to take money from anyone...

That sounded as a joke, has absolutely serious character for employees of theater, his figures. After all the theater has no patrons. The theater receives financial injections unless on official channels.

- It is called "the state investments", - the chief of regional management of culture Mikhail Dimitrov noted. - The theater, in principle, has to earn the most part of means itself, and the grant goes from the regional budget. But the theater never will be able to pay back itself completely therefore grants go from 50% to 70%.

One of admirers of theater who was present on a press - conferences, noticed, what not each performance can be unfortunately presented on a scene of the Russian dramatic theater. For five years so-called "circle" which allows to give to performance staginess doesn't work. For comparison: at the Ukrainian academic drama theater and the musical comedy the circle works silently and in four speeds.

Nikolay Kravchenko noted that it is "expenses" which will "be corrected" during two - three years.

- Yes, I understand that those performances which with a circle, can't go at us on a scene. It would be better, - he told. - But, thank God, that, despite those technical difficulties which exist, we have positive dynamics... There is no reason very strongly to worry. Our roof over head doesn't drip, the base doesn't burst yet.We in make-up rooms have souls and for actors good working conditions. Today already there is a rehearsal hall. God grant, in a year, through two we we will reach a circle. And then I will invite you to a ceremonial opening of a five-high-speed circle!.

The director of the Ukrainian academic drama theater and the musical comedy Nikolay Berson in holiday days decided not to focus attention on problem questions and preferred to talk more about creativity. He told that the task in the current year was set: from high-quality rehearsal process to a high-quality creative product.

- Our goods are a creative product which demands of very high quality. Beginning from that creative process which takes place very saturated since ten mornings: training, оргклассы, warm-ups, vocal rehearsals, the master - classes... The viewer demands repertoire theater and interesting works.

Berson admitted that the ticket price this year wanted to raise ("it too the goods", "are work of actors", "it shouldn't be a pity for the actor that his product is worth little so"). But then thought that in this situation it is better not to do it to hold the viewer. At present the ticket costs 10-40 hryvnias. The price in many respects depends on staginess of representation, on quantity and quality of suits, on use of technical and decorative means.

Nikolay Berson is convinced: cash desks work actively - for April - May tickets are already bought almost up, "the contingent wishing to come to theater extends". And to promote this process, creative collectives expand creative "range" and play performances in the most different genres: opera, operetta, ballet, drama, musical...


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