The sum of an unpaid salary in the Nikolaev area for March 1 made 28,5 million UAH

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The real wage in February, 2009 in comparison with January grew by 2%, and in comparison with February, 2008 decreased by 7%.

As of March 1 of this year 6,1 thousand working in economy of area suffered from untimely salary payment. To each of them on the average it isn't paid on 2569,90 UAH that is 59,2% more than a size of the average salary added in February to one permanent member of staff.

The sum of an unpaid salary for March 1 made 28,5 million UAH and in comparison with February 1 grew by 10,5%, or for 2,7 million UAH. About it reports statistics GU in the Nikolaev area.

In structure of total amount of debt of 3,3 million UAH or 11,3% are the share of economically inactive enterprises, that is what suspended the is production - economic activity in 2008 and previous years; 8,2 million UAH, or 28,8% - on the enterprises concerning which procedures of restoration of solvency of the debtor, or recognition by his bankrupt are carried out; 17 million UAH, or 59,9% - on economically active enterprises.

Among economically active enterprises it is more than two thirds, or 67% of a debt on a salary are the share of the industry enterprises, 12,2% - constructions, 8,7% - transport and communication, 4,7% - rural economy, 3,3% - the organizations which carry out operations with real estate, rent, engineering and render services to businessmen.


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