Give on lodges for "homeless pigs" on - Nikolaev … "Fraud of a century" didn't work well

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The animated film about a cheerful pig recovered in Nikolaev. Only as madam Beladonna neither more nor less, and one of heads of coordination council concerning activity of public organizations acted this time at the head of the regional state administration. Probably, on "lodges for homeless pigs" would raise money long, but basic businessmen and not by the way the burst crisis …


When two Nikolaev businessmen contacted owners of one of the printing enterprises of the city and offered tempting investment prospects, having asked to lend to it on a week the considerable sum in US dollars, children first began to doubt. But having questioned acquaintances and having heard about printers the most flatter responses, decided to help people. Confidence I added also that fact that borrowers issued a debt officially, having left as a deposit practically all property of the firm: copy equipment, computers and Skoda car. As the additional guarantee was shown to business partners by two apartments which allegedly are in their property.

Money promised to return in week, a maximum of days through ten then, besides the borrowed means, promised a part of profit from the new project. In a month unlucky creditors began to worry. Debtors asked to wait a little more, referring to bank red tape, problems with communication, misunderstanding … In a month creditors warned debtors that plan to sell mortgage property. Borrowers complained that became crisis victims - a pier, a debt planned to repay the next bank credit. Then demanded … to return back mortgage property, motivating it with that earlier they managed to put it in banks and the credit unions. And when learned that the part of the copy equipment is already sold on account of debt repayment, sincerely were indignant with that it is sold cheaper, than costed to the new. Also complained that now they have nothing to pay on other credits.

The most interesting began when banks in which all was put imaginable and inconceivable, started demanding to pay on the credits and to show mortgage property, threatening to address otherwise in militia with charges of fraud and concealment of pledges. Borrowers suggested to return them the car and to participate in new business - the project - a lottery. Businessmen out of self-preservation didn't begin to return the car, but in case of a successful conclusion of a lottery and compensation at least parts of money promised to meet halfway. Just next day all Soviet was covered with posters with offers to citizens to take part in … the charitable event directed on the help to unfortunate children. It isn't known for what madam Beladonna from the well-known animated film planned to spend money, but her Nikolaev followers thus planned to stop up holes in the business - projects.

After hearings about the true content of "charitable" action around the city spread, organizers refused idea and started besieging with a new force the creditors, threatening to write in militia the application for extortion and … car stealing. After creditors promised in reply to transfer the receipt testifying about truth to destiny of mortgage property to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, debtors accused them of blackmail.

The "divorced" businessmen say that wouldn't have any claims to family of debtors if those really went out of business. But they reserve some office rooms and for a family from four people contain two apartments in the downtown, one of which two-storeyed, with a total area more than 300 square meters.

The family of printers - debtors in practice realized old truth that "a reputation - too the capital". They converted the reputation in the credits of some million hryvnias, having managed thus to reserve a heap of positions and ranks, and not excepting opportunities "to begin new life" in other city.

Igor Ivanov


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