In GP "NMTP" the collective agreement for 2009-2013

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Last week the Nikolaev dockers held at once two conferences: trade-union conference and conference of labor collective.

The collective agreement for 2009-2013 was approved. All material payments and social guarantees for employees of port, despite crisis, remained at high level. About it reports a press - service of the Nikolaev sea trade port.

In the beginning there took place the conference devoted to the report of trade-union committee of PRMT NMTP about work, done by it for 2008.

We will remind that on February 14 last year at conference of the NMTP Primary trade-union organization No. 118 by delegates the decision on an exit from Labor union of workers of sea transport of Ukraine by reorganization in independent Labor union of workers of sea transport of the Nikolaev sea trade port was unanimously made.

On May 26, 2008 reorganized PRMT NMTP was registered by executive committee of the Nikolaev city council.

Today the organizational structure of PRMT NMTP consists of 27 shop trade-union organizations (including the stevedoring companies), on the account in which 3373 members of labor union, consist of them the working 2486 people (74%), unemployed (pensioners) of 887 people (26%).

At the conclusion of lease contracts tripartite agreements between GP "Nikolaev Sea Trade Port", Labor union and the enterprise - the tenant or the participant of joint activity in whom social guarantees for the workers who are transferring to the new enterprises were provided were concluded.

The labor union, as the representative of labor collectives, signed 6 collective agreements with administrations of GP "NMTP", JSC Ai-Xi-Al Ukraina, JSC Stividronaya kompaniya Nikmet-Terminal, SP "Southern Stividoring Company Limited", JSC Nikmorservice — Nikolaev, JSC European Transport Stevedoring Company, will sign soon collective agreements - Nikolayevsky Branch and JSC It Is Navigable — the Towing Company Morvest. Collective agreements were developed on the basis of the collective agreement GP "NMTP".

In 2008 the labor union, according to the Charter, on the basis of Collective agreements organized and carried out cultural - mass, improving, sporting events;excursions, day off trips, I provided delivery of members of labor union and their families to vacation spots; I held seminars; I got a sports equipment for a change leisure of members of labor union and sportswear; household appliances to meal rooms; I made payment of financial support, the irrevocable financial help, compensation to holiday стоимомсти permits for improvement to all addressed members of labor union, veterans; compensation of cost of permits to children of members of labor union, and also children from large families; I held charitable events for the aid to children from having many children and are needy families, I gave material support to city and area orphanages.

The report of the chairman of trade-union committee was approved by trade-union conference, and right after its termination there took place conference of labor staff of port at which summed up the results of implementation of the Collective agreement for 2006 - 2008 and approved the enterprise collective agreement for 2009 - 2013. The chief of port Kapatsyna V. N. reported on results of performance of "the basic social law" the enterprises from administration

For 2008 all planned it is production - financial performance on port is executed in full, the chief of port declared.

At worthy high level it was provided in 2008 and a social package of dockers.

Now the port is fully completed by qualified personnel. In 2008 official salaries (tariff rates) to employees of port on the average for 40% were raised, as a result the average monthly salary for 2008 made 3374 UAH on port and 6416 UAH at dockers - machine operators. The chief of port noted that the salary at the enterprise is paid in the terms established by the collective agreement, the port has no debt on a salary.

According to Vasily Nikolaevich, for the reporting period of contribution to trade-union committee, according to the Collective agreement, on cultural - mass, sports, improving work were made in due time and in an established size. Moreover, the stable financial condition of port allowed to increase compensation to employees of port and trade-union committee for the unused permit to 2,0 thousand UAH

Quality of consumer services on enterprise recreation facilities improved. Transfer of the building of the former MKTs to the Nikolaev district administrative court is complete.Thanks to this transfer, the city authorities put into operation routes on delivery of employees of port to work directly to checkpoints on 1-й and 3-й Slobodska.

The chief of port noted that GP "Nikolaev Sea Trade Port" is the steadily working enterprise, with the developed traditions in which dynasties of dockers work. And therefore the administration and labor union, as well as always, will constantly stand on protection of the rights and interests of employees of port, paying a worthy salary and supporting a social package up to standard.

The chairman of labor union Prokopenko P.P. reported on implementation of obligations under the collective agreement from labor union

Summing up the results of implementation of the collective agreement for 2008, conference of labor staff of port decided that all requirements of the collective agreement and the planned actions were executed in full.

The approval of the Collective agreement of GP "Nikolaev Sea Trade Port" for 2009 - 2013 was the following question which was considered at NMTP labor collective conference. The collective agreement of 2008 became a basis for the new collective agreement.

In the new edition "constitutions" of the enterprise are kept all types of payments and the social guarantees which have been earlier provided for employees of port. The rights of veterans of war and work are observed also. The new collective agreement comes into force from the moment of its acceptance, and it means that, despite world crisis, a social package of employees of port on - former will be at high level


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