5 - the anniversary Denis Prezigley can meet the not in the bosom of the family with a big tasty pie, and on a hospital bed - with a needle sticking out of a vein from a dropper.

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Two years the boy struggles with the illness - he has a neuroblastoma of zabryushinny space, in other words - a cancer. Recently the illness became aggravated - metastasises passed into lungs.

Mother Elena is afraid to say aloud, than it can end. Illness of the son - not the only problem of a family Preziglya. Except the most younger Denis in a family grows four more children.

And in the neighbour's house the son ran away from parents - actually, people turned out it. Denis's mother,Elena Anatolьевна,I took the boy in the house. Though the this house to call difficult. When Denis fell ill, the family sold the apartment. With five children parents lived in the lorry at which the father works as the trucker. When the former head of the area learned about a family distress, allowed them to live in the one-room apartment. And, as, the apartment is given out to it as to the official, government bodies long tried to move Preziglya who, in fact, illegally live in it. Thank God, while a large family don't touch. On the neighbour's boy with big efforts could issue guardianship.

Their history reminds the Mexican series - difficultly to believe more that to lot of one family can fall so many tragedies.

Denis long time was treated in regional children's hospital onst.The Nikolaev. Mother, naturally, was with it. The father had to look after other children, he for a while lost work.

By Preziglya hardly - were hardly interruptedonkopeks.Very much money which strangers sent to Elena's account helped, - a year ago about small Denisk told many mass media and specified requisites. Very much the family was helped by the Nikolaev firm "Vladam".

- Many thanks to the director "Vladam", - is told by Elena. - They brought to us bags with potato, grain, much all brought. If they, I don't know that we would do - a family big, children should be fed.

Elena remembers times when she for some days left hospital home, to the village New Odessa,The Nikolaev area, I baked bread at the expense of which all family lived for a long time.

NowElena Anatolьевна it is again compelled to appeal to all not indifferent people about the help. While it isn't known, money for little Denis's treatment, but even the trip to the Kiev hospital on inspection for a family not onhow many is requiredto means.

Now from the kid took analyses; doctors, of course, will make everything, from them depending. But, besides, the family Preziglya needs also in other help - it is necessary to support five children who have remained in Nova Odesse.

If at you isdesire andopportunityto help, money it is possiblewill listьinto Elena Prezigley's account.


"Raiffeisen Bank Aval", IFI: 380805.

Account of the recipient: 262021372778.

Code of the recipient: 2399502104.

Elena Prezigley's phone: 80671261188.

It is also possible to transfer money for the account of Assistance to Children charity foundation thanks to which necessary drugs were received by many kids with oncological diseases.


Account No. 26005060116610 in ZAT CB Privatbank, IFI 326610, Russian National Classifier of Businesses and Organizations 36027582. If in a purpose of payment to enter a name of the child, then money will go for treatment of the specific kid. "Privatbank" doesn't take the commission for transfer of money. Phone of the director of fund Elena Legkaya: 71-57-61.

Denis and Elena Prezigley


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