Today at meeting to businessmen - "violators" suggested "not to spin bast shoes", and to bring an order with registration of hired workers

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Today, on April 8, in the Small Hall of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies the meeting of the city commission on legalization of workplaces took place.

At meeting I there was a speech about how the city authorities try to bring an order to the sphere of the labor relations of businessmen of the city with hired workers. It, in particular, concerns businessmen - owners of shops, directors of private firms and small enterprises.

Now raids - inspections" as a result of which the commissions already revealed a number of violations are carried out so-called ". In hairdressing salons, shops and other establishments workers with whom businessmen officially didn't issue the labor relations are found.

In such cases the commission gives to "violator" week to correct a situation. During this time the employer is obliged or to register a workplace in the employment Center, or to issue the labor relations with the worker and to inform on it tax inspection.

If comments of the commission are ignored - the violator is threatened by the protocol with the subsequent sanctions.

On questions of businessmen in what difference of raids - inspections from banal control checks actually consists? - the deputy of the mayor Raisa Vdovichenko noted that about check of the commission are obliged to warn in 10 days, and about raids - inspections can be carried out at any time and businessmen of the commission about the visit aren't obliged to warn. On a question - whether the owner can refuse to the commission carrying out raid in the territory of the enterprise? - the negative answer followed.

So than check differs from raid if as a result of that and another action the protocol with all that it implies - probably so plainly anybody can be made and didn't understand … Businessmen understood only that such raid can appear suddenly to them at any time.

The businessmen invited to meeting at whom during such raids violations were already revealed, reported at meeting about what measures are taken on their elimination.

So, the owner of shop "5 Karmanoff" at whom the commission revealed 6 workers who pass training (about what, allegedly told them the manager of shop) denied their existence and insisted that individually copes in the shop belonging to it located on the area of 70 sq.m. And on a question of one of members of meeting - as it is possible? - I suggested to look on a place …

Other owners of private enterprises, also from among "violators", were on meeting with service records of workers which were officially issued at them by trainees.

However Raisa Vdovichenko suggested to stop "to spin bast shoes", and emphasized that businessmen have no right to accept workers on "training" is a prerogative of only the state enterprises.

And therefore businessmen from now on should have no trainees and "snowdrops". In order to avoid problems with the city authorities, tax, the employment Center, so - and with business.


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