The gang of Caucasians attacks drivers in Kiev

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The Kiev militia searches victims of racketeers from Azerbaijan.

Nearly one and a half years members of group selected money at guests of the capital, coming to stint on is wholesale - retail bases. As reports HTH

, malefactors chose victims among drivers of small trucks. Plundered only guests of the capital who only arrived on base and didn't manage to acquire goods yet. According to the usual scenario two Caucasians rushed into salon of the car and money started demanding. "They spoke: "We - friends. You have to pay if you want to get here something". Also added: "If you have less than 5000 hryvnias - will go with anything if more - we take away a half". But as a result all took away", - the assistant administrator of the Solomensky District Department of the Interior of Kiev Irina Biba reports. Racketeers acted impudently and dexterously. Often recalculated production among white day in the presence of the intimidated victim. Took away also valuable things - mobile phones and jewelry, and then quietly disappeared on the car. By the way, the driver was the only non Caucasian in a gang. The inhabitant of Kiev who had no problems with the law earlier, brought and took away racketeers with so-called "work places". Now natives from the East again should go for a lattice on 186-й to article. Most likely, also their Ukrainian companion there will get.


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