Who rules a ball in regional gases?

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As a result of the inspection carried out by Antimonopoly committee, information that the company - the gas-trader of RosUkrEnergo established control over the majority of the Ukrainian regional gases, wasn't confirmed. The first deputy head of AMKU Yury Kravchenko reported about it.

According to Kravchenko, the committee received full information from the gas-trader and his owners. "And by results of the analysis of a situation and the obtained data we didn't establish the fact of implementation by this structure of control over the Ukrainian regional gases", - Kravchenko told, writes "Business".

MKMK reminds that repeatedly paid attention of local authorities and law enforcement agencies to need to open for consumers of services of JSC Nikolayevgaz among which the population, the thermal municipal enterprises and the budgetary establishments, structure of shareholders of this enterprise - the monopolist. Today it has the status of the state joint stock company, however confidence that the controlling stake of the Nikolaev regional gas is at NAK "Naftogaz Ukraine" isn't present. For example, JSC Gaztek and JSC MFS which are private shareholders of JSC Nikolayevgaz, in JSC Hersongaz already own the general equity stake more than 60% and have decisive voices in price level establishments on gas supply services in the region, and also approve structure of the income and company expenses.

Doubts concerning that production assets and financial streams are in local regional gas under state control, got stronger during the recent meeting of exit board of Antimonopoly committee of Ukraine which has taken place in our city. Then "Nikolayevgaz" was fined 100 thousand UAH for abuse of a monopoly position which was shown in the requirement to the business owner to get and transfer to needs of the company cars, computers and a special equipment in exchange to connection of its farm to gas.

And so, justifying similar actions in return, representatives of JSC Nikolayevgaz repeatedly emphasized the strategic role in region activity, however declared that NAK "Naftogaz" any more doesn't fulfill long ago the obligations concerning maintenance costs of local gas-distributing networks and ran into debt to the division of 28 million UAH. Interestingly, and others - non-state - shareholders of "Nikolayevgaz" fulfill the obligations for uninterrupted and safe gas supply of the consumers? Or they think only of own income, writing off chronic unprofitability of regional gas for debt of the population and теплокоммунэнерго for the put gas?

By the way, only today we reported with reference to statistics GU that natural gas makes 78% in the general structure of consumed fuel in the Nikolaev region, and its 80% it is the share of industrial enterprises which in debtors for gas aren't registered.


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