In Nikolayevshchina opened under wood landing a necropolis of antique times

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Addressed to the head of department of culture of the Nikolaev regional state administration Mikhail Dimitrov the statement which has been drawn up by the director of subsidiary "was sent to Research Center Lukomorye of Institute of archeology of NAN of Ukraine by Kirill Gorbenko and his deputy, upon destruction of the top layer of a burial ground of antique times. Besides, the copy of the act was sent to the head of Ochakov regional council.

"During archaeological examination in the Ochakov region of the Nikolaev area, on lands of Ochakov regional council, within the Adzhigolsky braid in the east of a summer camp the fact of destruction and damage of the top layer of a burial ground was recorded (owing to works on disembarkation of the pine wood the plantazhy the top layer of a burial ground on depth to 0,7 meters thanks to what on a surface burials of antique time and movable instructions of architecture (pottery)" were lifted and damaged was destroyed, - it is spoken in the act.

In this document archeologists ask to check legality of use of the above land plot, and also legality of actions of the officials responsible for assignment of the earth and a condition of instructions of archeology with involvement of "competent authorities".

"Olviya as a unique monument of archeology of Northern Black Sea Coast isn't limited to Olviya's territory. It was the state, and round it there was a rural circle, so-called Olviya's chorus. This chorus included both settlements, and burial grounds. It too most that the city of Nikolaev as the regional center, and round it sat down. As was and in the ancient time. Greeks lived not only in Olviya, they lived not only on all coast of the Black Sea and the estuary, but also along the rivers. There is a lot of such settlements", - Kirill Gorbenko tells.

The chief of lesookhotnichy economy of the Nikolaev area Pyotr Palamaryuk, making comments on an event I noted that all documents at the time of the work beginning on disembarkation of the pine wood in the above territory were prepared and on all papers there are corresponding signatures of state officials.

"Nobody addressed to us, and most likely coordination was given last year when the position of the head of department of culture was held by g - N Ivanov. Then lands were distributed on the left and to the right, and anybody checked nothing. If it was checked, at best cards of arrangements of monuments looked. On cards only known or large instructions are designated, but it after all doesn't mean that except what are designated on these cards, more anything isn't present. Is, and it is a lot of", - the archeologist Kirill Gorbenko shared.

Having added that only for the last half a year three new archaeological instructions - in Nikolaevsk, Novobugsky and Ochakov areas were open. They were found just during carrying out archaeological examinations.

"It about what speaks? It means that there is a lot of monuments and, of course, it is necessary to develop agriculture, it is necessary to do and green plantings, it is necessary to develop alternative sources, energy carriers... But it is necessary to do it not at the expense of our history and our culture. Because similar things cause damage as material, and cultural - historical. It is necessary to watch closely it very much. That is, it is possible to land the woods, but it is necessary to carry out expertizes - we could leave, define approximate borders of distribution of object and would transfer forest plantings slightly aside, and already there would land the wood. Both plantings would be, and the monument of archeology would be kept", - the archeologist summed up.


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