Nikolayevtsam sell low-quality bread not only in the Central market, but also in prestigious supermarkets.

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For the first three months of this year Management on protection of the rights of consumers of the regional state administration checked 45 enterprises which trade in bakery products. Nine of them violate the Ukrainian law in the sphere of protection of the rights of consumers. And from 33-x checked enterprises which realize pasta, five have violations.

As reports management, in three months it is rejected and removed from sale of 730 kg of bakery products and one and a half tons of a flour and grain.

So, in the Central market in a booth "software Bilyk T. S." the checking rejected "Unleavened wheat cakes to Pura" and "Armenian sheet" from - for lack of marking and accompanying documents; Firm bread of production "Bakery No. 3" and Estuary bread of production of software Cherkassk from - that in consignment notes nonexistent products were specified, and also from - for absence of information on date of production and an expiration date.

In a supermarket "Products-142 Shop which JSC ATB Market belongs, the packed-up grain is rejected: barley, wheat, yachnevy, semolina, pearl-barley, buckwheat; rice pro-soared from - for discrepancies to requirements of normative documents on marking, and also on the physicist - to chemical and organoleptic indicators.

Also in this supermarket specialists of management rejected drying "Flora" because a half is a product was broken. And at fancy bread the "Fruit" bottom surface was polluted by the raw materials remains from the previous baking.

In the Gippo supermarket of JSC Vodny mir are rejected and removed from sale Orilsky bread shaped, which surface polluted, rough, with emptiness; fruitcake (products deformed, different by the sizes, on a marking label nonexistent Gosstandart is specified, there is no information on a flour grade, on oil, the quantity of contents of fat is incorrectly specified), grain yachny packed up from - for a large number of the top covers of grain, the whole grains of barley, the uneven sizes of grains; semolina was polluted, in it the raised ash-content was observed.And specialists of management found not crushed fine grains of wheat, a peel in wheat grain "Grandmother's Porridge". On Poltava No. 3 grain there was no marking, there was no information on a way of preparation. Chocolates "Little squirrel" had a smell and taste of osalenny fat. Gingerbreads scalded are glazed with a stuffing from apple and a kiwi were the wrong form, trampled down, stuck together, with hollows, and glaze from them was showered. The cut Borodino bread of production of JSC Odessky karavay was a rough form, with uneven porosity, emptiness and consolidations.

Specialists of management in protection of the rights of consumers removed from sale bakery products in 12 trade enterprises from - for absence of certificates of quality of production.

From 12 samples of bakery products which investigated in the laboratory, five didn't meet the requirements of normative documents. And from seven samples of pasta, a flour and the grain, five products didn't meet the requirements of normative documents on the physicist - to chemical and organoleptic indicators.

It should be noted that on the bakery products, made in mines - bakeries, often in consignment notes there are no full name of a product, a grade and weight, exit time from the furnace and suitability term. Besides, on the mini - bakeries there is no laboratory control. Even more often at the enterprises different chemical additives (flour improvers, stabilizers and other), and techniques are used and the equipment for their definition are absent that does impossible complete control of quality of bakery products.


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