The unique Nikolaev Energokompleks approached Ukraine to power independence of the Russian Federation, - Granaturov

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Nikolaev enterprise «Evgroil» , which develops the electric power in the course of burning of wood and a peel of sunflower, helped to promote to Ukraine in search of alternative energy sources and approaches the country to power independence of the Russian Federation.

The mayor of Nikolaev Yury Granaturov during visit on the enterprise on Wednesday reported about it, December 24.

According to Granaturov, «Evgroil» approaches Ukraine to power independence.

- This the first in own way «pilot» the project can work at solid fuel. Especially, such fuel at us in prosperity. It is necessary to do everything to become more energetically independent. So, will be independent and our state from all those «hotelok» , which our northern neighbor exposes, - the mayor of Nikolaev noted.

In Ukraine only 5 similar companies which specialize on power generation at biomass utilization. Uniqueness «Evgroil»  in that the enterprise works at the shattered wood and a peel of sunflower.

It should be noted that 90% of the developed energy «Evgroil»  sells on «green» to tariffs to Nikolaev, other 10% go for providing the Power generating complex. Besides, the enterprise is capable to provide with heat the whole residential district of the city, however to this complex the corresponding communications aren't carried out.

Director of the company Dmitry Demedyuk
Chairman of the board of the company Vladimir Gatsura

- Here the whole complex of actions to respect the rules of ecology is involved. If to speak generally about alternative power engineering from the point of view of situation in which there is Ukraine, such power plant which develops 5 MW, helps to save 5% of natural gas of consumption of Nikolaev, - Granaturov added.

The chairman of the board of the company Vladimir Gatsura noted that for work of the enterprise gas coppers which in a consequence modernized for work on wood and waste of the oil-processing industry were bought.

Nevertheless, despite importance of the project in search of alternative energy sources, various supervisory authorities, according to the mayor, built a set of barriers to work of open company «Evgroil».

- There were many obstacles, barriers. The city authority approached this question essentially. The miracle that this enterprise works, despite «sticks» , which inserted different «chinushka» …I will tell that with not understanding treated from the very beginning this problem. It both housing and communal services department of our Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies, and public services of the city, which «sit» on allowing documents. They had different motives, - Granaturov noted.

At this enterprise everything is most automated, therefore staff of its personnel insignificant–14 people, including the management of the company and accounts department.

In short-term plans of the management of the company construction of combined heat and power plant with a power of 6 MW, and also shop of preparation of wood appears.

It is known that the prime minister - the minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk declared that the situation in power industry of Ukraine is very difficult and asked citizens to treat with understanding to rolling blackouts of light. In Nikolaev areas approved the schedule disconnections of areas from the electric power for 2014-2015. And the governor of the region Vadim Merikov declared that fan shutdowns will be tightened for the winter period and that it is necessary to suffer. 


OH «Evgroil»  it was founded in 2011. Construction of this complex took about 9 months, and the cost of the project of 10 million dollars. The power generating complex develops 5 MW, and these are only 25% of its potential power.

Ольга Коваленко

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