Nikolayevtsam yet didn't pay 25 million UAH of a salary

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In March of this year the number of permanent members of staff of the large enterprises, establishments, the organizations made 251,7 thousand people, reports Head department of statistics in the Nikolaev area.

Nominalthe average monthly salary of this category of workers in area made 1 765 UAH. In relation to February of last year the size of a salary grew by 9%, and by March of the same year - for 18%.

The salary in the main spheres of economy of area made: in the industry - 2 491 UAH; agriculture - 1 093 UAH

The noticeable increase in a salary in comparison with February was noted at workers:

the industries - for 18%, or for 380 UAH;

constructions - for 16%, or for 225 UAH;

agriculture - for 9%, or 89 UAH;

transport and communication - for 8%, or for 182 UAH;

health care and providing the social help - for 7%, or for 86 UAH

At the same time decrease in level wage pay in a month it was noted at workers:

the financial sphere - for 7%, or for 204 UAH;

fish breeding, fisheries - for 2%, or for 12 UAH

The most highly paidthere is a work of workers of railway transport, metallurgical production and production of finished metal products, the financial sphere, pipeline transport, at the enterprises providing additional transport services and auxiliary operations, productions and distributions of the electric power, gas and water, on processing of wood and production of products from a tree, except furniture. Compensation in these kinds of activity exceeded the average value which has developed in economy of area by 1,4-4,6 times.

At the same timelow level of a salaryit was noted at the workers occupied in production of rubber and plastic products, in fish breeding, fishery, textile production; production of clothes, fur and products from fur, trade;car repairs, household products and subjects of personal consumption, agriculture. The salary size in these kinds of activity didn't exceed 62% of a regional average indicator.

Level of a salary of workers of area made97% from nation-wide(it is less than it on 53 UAH).

Among regions of Ukraine on salary level the area in March borrowed8 placeafter Donetsk, Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Lugansk areas and the cities of Kiev and Sevastopol.

Real wagein March, 2009 in comparison with February I grew by 7,7%, and in comparison with March, 2008 I decreased by 0,5%.

As of April 1 of this year 5,2 thousand working in economy of area suffered from untimely salary payment. To each of them on the averageit isn't paid on 2599,26 UAH. that almost by 1,5 times exceeds the size of the average salary added in March to one permanent member of staff.

The sum of an unpaid salary for April 1 made 25 million UAHand in comparison with March 1 I decreased by 12,2%, or for 3,5 million UAH

In structure of total amount of debt of 3,2 million UAH or 12,7% are the share of economically inactive enterprises, that is what suspended the is production - economic activity in 2008 and previous years; 6,8 million UAH, or 27,4% - on the enterprises concerning which procedures of restoration of solvency of the debtor, or recognition by his bankrupt are carried out; 15 million UAH, or 59,9% - on economically active enterprises.

Among economically active enterprises more than a half (58,7%) debt on a salary is the share of the industry enterprises, 19,2% - constructions, 9% - transport and communication, 5,2% - agriculture, 3,6% - the organizations which carry out operations with real estate, rent, engineering and render services to businessmen.


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