In total on the exchange! In the Nikolaev area it is possible to buy real "Audi" and "Lexus" for only 100 hryvnias!

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At today's session of a regional council first deputy chief regional taxAlexander BernatskyI told about results of work of GNA in the Nikolaev area for the first three months of the current year.

We will begin with the most interesting.

One of reserves of filling of the local budget is the payment of a tax on purchase and sale of vehicles. According to Bernatsky, numerous cases when the realization of vehicles is enabled through the exchanges on take place is unreal to the low prices owing to what local budgets lose the considerable sums of means. For example, in certain cases Audi and Lexus 330 cars as it appeared, "were on sale" at the price of 100 UAH!.

As for the main figures, in the general fund of the state budget from tax service of the Nikolaev area for January - March, 2009 316,9 million hryvnias are mobilized. The area took the third place on level of performance of tasks among 27 regions of Ukraine. The average level of implementation of the budget for Ukraine made 103,1%.

Tax specialists should work with category of payers who minimize tax obligations constantly. So, in the first quarter 2009 from "minimizers" arrived in the budget of 42 million hryvnias (in comparison with the similar period of last year, payments increased on 6,8 million hryvnias).

To minimization of receipts of profit taxes as explained to the deputy chief tax, gives also that the legal entities who are on the account in other regions of Ukraine, open here shops, supermarkets, banks without creation of separate divisions. That is, taxes are flown down not in our budget, and in the budget of that region where "the main office" is registered them. But even to count the sum of taxes which they would have to pay in tax areas in which territory they are, it is very problematic as there is no information on the actual sum of the gross income gained by these enterprises in this territory. Considering that the income of the specified subjects varies in hundreds million hryvnias, losses of a profit tax can reach tens of millions.

"Dialogue" and with the management of the budget forming enterprises of area doesn't stop.The most considerable sums of the state budget for the first three months 2009 provided "Dawn" - "Mashproyekt" (43 million UAH), "The delta - the pilot" (38,4 million UAH), Is southern - the Ukrainian nuclear power plant (26 million UAH), "Saninbev - Ukraine" (16,8 million UAH), specialized seaport "Oktyabrsky" (16,7 million UAH), "Nikolayevgaz" (12,8 million UAH).

In local budgets receipts in the sum of 285,8 million UAH that on 25,8 million UAH (or for 9,7%) above level of the similar period of last year - are provided at an average across Ukraine an indicator in 4,4%. It on 15,7 million UAH (or for 5,8%) above planned indicators of local councils.

For 2009 local councils planned receipts in the sum of 1 billion 147 million hryvnias. Expected implementation of the budget from January till April - 34%.

In a section of payments the greatest growth of receipts, in comparison with last year, took place at the expense of such profitable sources, as a tax on the income of natural persons (on 19,4 million UAH, or for 10%) and a payment for the earth (on 8,7 million UAH, or for 31%).

In January - March during carrying out checks 797 not properly executed workers are revealed and 270 thousand UAH of a tax on the income of natural persons from which 246 thousand are already paid are counted. By results of checks 469 workers are officially issued.

Bernatsky also noted that 377 lease contracts of the land plots of the state and municipal ownership don't answer standards of the current legislation. Now receipts of a rent for the earth from legal entities are made by 7,4 million UAH. But registration of additional agreements to lease contracts of the earth will increase tax revenues.


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