The Tashlyksky nuclear power plant again in the center of attention of ecologists

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Yesterday, on June 23, in Nikolaev, in library of Kropivnitsky public hearings concerning the situation which has developed as a result of completion of Tashlyksky pumped storage power plant and lifting of level of the Aleksandrovsky reservoir took place is higher than the admissible.

Constructive dialogue between ecologists and nuclear scientists didn't leave. That was planned as public hearings, turned, eventually, into "a pelting of stones into opposite camp".

Representatives of Tashlyksky pumped storage power plant also It is southern - at hearings it appeared the Ukrainian nuclear power plant (both enterprises are included in a uniform complex - so-called "separate division") more, than representatives of the ecological organizations. Ecologists had to apply "heavy artillery" - "to press" number of nuclear scientists the arguments.

The senior research associate of Institute of archeology of NAN of Ukraine Nikolay Tovkaylo noted that flooding of territories of Granitno - Steppe Pobuzhya (a reserved zone) is a violation of the law of Ukraine about a cultural heritage as Minekologiya didn't give any permissions to assignment of the land plots under flooding.

However from representatives of nuclear power plant the counterargument right there sounded: allegedly there is the official document confirming that the Institute of archeology gives the consent to flooding of territories - in particular, islands Riveted (the historical name - Gardovy) which half owing to water level lifting already left under water. This document wasn't shown, its number, instance in which it was registered therefore some present had doubts concerning authenticity of this document and its existence weren't called.

The director of the Black Sea network of public organizations, the ecologist Oleg Derkach declared that owing to lifting of a water level were not only reserved territories, but also unique thresholds are destroyed.

- We lost the slalom route, - he told. - Slalom - the Olympic sport. Olympians - to slalomists have no place to train now.

According to Oleg Derkacha, now the water level in Aleksandrovsk a reservoir is lifted practically to 16 meters, though maximum permissible norm - 8 m.

The representative of the Nikolaev management of environment noted that a problem not only that in a reservoir in the last two years lifted a water level practically twice, but also that this level constantly fluctuates. If in 2006-ohm year the water level in a reservoir was constant, kept on one mark (fluctuations of a water level didn't exceed 10 cm), in 2007 - m to year owing to operation of two units of Tashlyksky pumped storage power plant level began to fluctuate

within 30-50 cm

It led to that flooded the territory of the reserve appeared much more, than was planned.

The next skirmish between the present parties of hearings happened when the speech came about the reserve "Granitno — Steppe Pobuzhye" project. According to ecologists, the project is. Nuclear scientists insist that it isn't present. I didn't provide the documents confirming first or second, any of the parties.

Ecologists to nuclear scientists and tens species of the plants included in the Red List, the European green list and the World green list which thousands representatives were destroyed remembered; and hundreds hectares of fertile lands in several regions of area which are unsuitable now for use in the agricultural purposes as are turned into a bog.

On a question: "Who compensates all this? " - the answer wasn't received.


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