"Sumykhimprom" - MBK "Nikolaev" - 46:62

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Basketball. Superleague. Plya - офф. Games for 5-8 places. Third match

Before game

Sumchane all previous series against "Azovmash" saw off in Mariupol. That is, and the third match which according to regulations had to take place in Sumy, "chemists" played on a visit. The similar offer for certain could arrive it and from nikolayevets. However the head coach of "Sumykhimprom" Andrey Shaptala sounded desire of the players, first of all, legionaries to meet the management of the enterprise which invited them in club, and to try to agree about repayment of debt on a salary.

Therefore the match No. 3 arrived to the place taken away for it - BTs "Olympus". But whether there are to a platform Vitas and Matyukevich, depends on the contents consisting on the eve of conversation. Or even from the fact of its carrying out. Because the enterprise as speak, is closed. Respectively, and the problem rests not only against destiny of known basketball club, but also - many thousands labor collective.

For his many members visit of basketball matches became a form of active emotional recreation. And the subscriptions bought in due time in any measure served sports development in the city, to improvement of teenagers. But consequences of world crisis which by hook or by crook interferes in our life are that. And, when becomes holidays less - the same sports is touches interests not only the separate enterprises and collectives, but - societies as a whole.


"Sumykhimprom" - MBK "Nikolaev" - 46:62 (19:12, 5:17, 4:17, 18:16)On May 8.Sumy, BTs "Olympus", 200 viewers
Productivity (points/minutes in game)

Head coachAndrey SHAPTALA

Head coachVladimir FIELDS
Accuracy of throws (threw/got)
Selections (the шит / stranger)
Judges:S. Zashchuk, A. Shirobokov (both is Kiev), V. Pedyev (Odessa)
Commissioner:B. Sosnovsky (Kiev)

As it is pleasant to understand that, if something happens, on a side-track our team has two - three "armored trains" capable in a few minutes to provide necessary result, was thought that nikolayevets can resolve an issue and without participation of veterans. However in the middle of the first period ours й teams to Vladimir Polyakh was necessary to take the head coach a "disturbing" time - a miss at the score 8:4. Quickly enough situation on a board was leveled and … again guests failed - 19:12.

Yaylo and Rajevski, having appeared on a platform in the second period, again straightened result. Moreover, nikolayevets to a post-ugly face began to play in defense. So, having only a little adjusted a sight in attack, almost absolutely brought down it to young rivals - 24:29.

Vitas as it became clear, was unwell. And Matyukevich and Machernis, though were ready to come to a platform, but … didn't leave. It is possible to understand it somehow, including as the decision not to spoil purity of experiment. That is - to show to the management of club and fans, than "Sumykhimprom" without their participation is.

So, in the third period owners of a platform hammered from game of all … one ball! It was made by Mogilinets on 9-й to minute. Nikolayevtsa after the gap in the account passed for two tens, too relaxed and, for example, in the second half of the period hammered only 3 points. Total - 28:46.
Where - that minutes three final periods guests - especially Blair - continued to develop success. But after the score 34:57 as if lost interest to others basket and not too rested in protection. By the way, the last more than three minutes of team played … on zero. 46:62, and MBK "Nikolaev" already quite formally switched over to preparation for the last series of this season.

After game

The head coach of MBK "Nikolaev" Vladimir Polyakh told that it, of course, was confident in a victory. But I wanted that the youth, without thinking about veterans, proved the advantage over age-mates. Alas, the unsuccessful beginning showed that to hope for it risky.
Jackson and Shepil on a match to Sumy didn't leave from - for injuries. I upset also a technical foul of Blair who too emotionally appealed to judges, having considered that against it violated rules.


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