Why "Aval" doesn't stand on ceremony with owners of salary cards?

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In the first days of May many owners of "salary" plastic cards "Aval Raiffeisenbank" received an unpleasant surprise from bankers by holidays.

ATMs showed existence of money on accounts, but instead of honestly earned "nalichka" gave out to the receipt with the notice "your limit is reached".

A little later cards began "to be eaten" simply by the ATM with the dry notice "address in the office …".

After news of whims of the most mass in Nikolaev of ATMs the wave of hearings that the base of salary cards of "Aval" was hacked by unknown hackers rode.

The author knows, at least, three tens similar cases with the people working in four various organizations. It is clear that to be engaged and I compelled to write with poll these lines own bitter experience: on my attempts to receive in the ATM money in the evening 7 - May I received the notice about suddenly appeared, but already settled (whom? when) limit.

We will leave that circumstance outside history that money was necessary urgently, and in the evening, due to the need urgently to get expensive drugs. In the same evening I heard also hearing about hackers. The missing sum managed to be collected at acquaintances, but I came to the central Nikolaev office of "Aval", I repent, in rather troublemaking mood.

The lovely girl in the necessary window quickly informed that security service bank really I blocked "some" cards which got to the ATM used by burglars.

After a call to security service, verification of the password, etc. the card was unblocked, I could receive the salary, and right there, according to the insistent recommendation of the employee, wrote the application for delivery of a new card.

In the evening of the same day the ATM "gobbled up" a card of the wife.

There were questions:why ANY of my acquaintances at whom cards "hanged", DIDN'T HEAR WORDS of APOLOGIES from one of employees of "Aval"?

Or the largest bank considers shameful to apologize for itself before so small client?

Why in the text of the receipt the most minimum explanations of weren't placed on what reason the bank doesn't fulfill the obligations and, again - such simple word "excuse"?

I don't say that in the questionnaire of each client phones are specified, and it is technically elementary to warn the client a call or SMS - which.

It is clear that for bank with milliard turns a delay in some days of delivery of one (two, three - it isn't important! ) thousands hryvnias it seems the trifle which isn't costing attention.

But for usual nikolayevets it can appear very essential trouble. It is easy to present a situation when the person appears with the "hanged" card on hands in other city, in business trip or on vacation.

But why the people trusting to bank, let and for short time, the earned money, have to twitch, look for events explanations, call on information center phones, go to office for card change …?

By the way, literally half a year ago I faced one more card surprise of "Aval": it appears if you, for example, change a plastic card, or lost it, there were terms other - you can't withdraw the remains money from the bank account.

At least two weeks. Explain to me, why? The contract with bank is signed on opening of the bank account, instead of card delivery number such - that.

Why on passport and contract presentation, the client can't raise the money from the urgent account? And here can't.

Yes, I know, itself told it more than once to another: read that you sign.

Here only say yes, how many nikolayevets chose to themselves bank for opening by a card salary, and how many simply took into consideration the notification of the accounts department: the following salary - by cards. And the accounts department too can be understood: where as it is simpler to work with one bank, instead of to be wound with sheets on a salary ten branches.

But, actually, the client for bankers is not the "piece" recipient of a salary, and the owner, the director or other top - the manager making the decision.

And with a trifle don't stand on ceremony even at the time of "crisis of confidence"?

The touching story about the artful and sophisticated hackers who have taken root into one of ATMs, and heroic security service of "Aval", a breast of the national salaries which have risen in defense, also causes questions and doubts.

Why about it there are no official statements, preventions? Neither on the official site of "Aval", nor in the press. And after all it is so easy to turn a convenient occasion for small a feast - an action on reliability of work with "Aval".

Actually, all this history exists only in an oral look. Perhaps it isn't hackers? Perhaps inconsiderate silence hides absolutely other reasons: leakage of a database from the bank, for example? Punctures in protection of ATMs? In an information age - silence not the most reliable protection.


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