The head of KS was not the richest among colleagues

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The head of the Constitutional Court Andrey Strizhak earned last year nearly 568 thousand UAH

The salary and the lifelong monetary maintenance of the judge made 542 thousand of them a year, that is it is slightly more than 45 thousand UAH a month, reports "Today".

According to the declaration, on accounts the head of KS has 323,2 thousand UAH. It has apartment of 114 sq.m, giving 279 sq.m and Mersedes-C, and for family members is available also the house of 300 sq.m

However, Strizhak, judging by declarations, it is far not the richest judge of KS. It was competed by Anatoly Golovin who last year earned 617 thousand 489 UAH (that is 51,5 thousand a month).

Here the salary, military pension and the monetary maintenance of the judge (he came to KS after I served 26 years in state security bodies) enters.

According to the lawyer Irina Gonchar, the salary of head of KS equals to 15 minimum wages plus of an extra charge, the deputy head - to 14,5 minimum wages, and the ordinary judge - 14.

Besides, judges of KS have the right to receive pension and (or) the monthly lifelong contents.

The pension is put by that who worked at civil service earlier or there was the military, and a lifelong contents - to veterans of vessels (it is more than 20 years of an experience).

As explained to us ex-the judge of KS Valery Pshenichny, the contents equals 80% of a salary on a former place of work.

"It is very important norm. Otherwise in 40 years the judge could replace completely a field of activity, and the monthly contents is an incentive to remain in a profession", - explains Wheat. It, being the judge of KS, I received about 18 thousand UAH

The edition notes that the income of present judges of KS this year will significantly be reduced. Rada and Cabinet of Ministers the resolutions twice cut off a salary to the high-ranking officials, among which and judges of KS.


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