How not to fall a victim of problem bank

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In recent days domestic mass media excite messages on general fall of long-term credit ratings of some small Ukrainian banks.

It should be noted that decrease in a long-term credit rating yet doesn't speak about fast bankruptcy of bank, but to people who trust the savings to such bank, it is necessary to reflect, about expediency of their further storage there.

As a rule, small banks attract clients high percentage to rates, but in the conditions of globalization and possibility of an exit to the world markets, their resources become not interesting to stable firms and the companies, and the credits under high interest rates, as a rule, take firms with doubtful reputation that finally leads to growth of problem debt of bank. In turn each of such problem debts leads to that coming to bank behind the deposit, you can't simply receive it.

How to distinguish problem bank?

There is a number of signs which will allow you to understand that work with bank is more inexpedient:

1. The manager of bank under different pretexts suggests you to prolong the deposit contract for a year, thus to you don't give the deposit sum cash, even for assurance of that you will bring this money in a week;

2. To you call a month before the termination of your deposit contract and suggest to prolong it under higher interest rates;

3. To you refuse receiving your contribution for some time under different plausible excuses;

4. Information that the bank detains payments more than for one days or that people can't receive the contribution ahead of schedule starts appearing;

5. In the press and the Internet isn't present messages on the current activity of bank and there is no annual report;

6. Reduction of the personnel of bank and delay of payments of a salary begins.

To check reliability of all these factors extremely simply. You need to make phone call in bank and to take an interest as quickly you will be able to receive all sum of the deposit, having referred to that money is urgently necessary to you.If the manager of bank to agree to give out you money at once without delay, everything means in bank well if to you start telling about difficulties of rastorzheniye of the deposit contract, in bank obviously there is no money.

The main thing at placement of money for the deposit in bank for long terms at least once a month to be interested in a state of affairs in bank. Come to bank, ask his workers and observe them, listen to their conversations, and you for certain will be able to define a number of signs given by me above.

The era small pocket banks comes to an end.

As Ukraine so many banks aren't necessary to such country. Today in Ukraine bakeries much less, than bank offices. Think, really bread consumption in Ukraine is less, than consumption of banking products? Today according to production plans of banks their planned indicators on many products exceed total needs of Ukrainians for such products. For example: to implement the plan of this year for deposits it is necessary that everything, including babies, brought on a deposit contribution 800 c.u. a month and so for all year. (video)

There are exceptions

Some small banks were created by owners, under the needs, to be exact needs of the businesses. For example: there is a number of banks tied up under construction projects or the whole networks of gas station. Profitability of these businesses allows to pay high percent to investors, but believe; that can become the investor of such bank only chosen. After all possessing favorable business, their owners created such banks under the needs, and these banks carry out a role of financial pumps serving only their interests.

Moreover these banks have are quite high a credit rating in one of the international rating agencies that gives the chance to them to get access to cheap foreign resources without attraction of expensive domestic resources.


You store money in the reliable and checked banks having credit ratings of reputable international agencies, and you remember that weak banks go to an era of expensive money from the market, and there are only strong and checked players, but the annoying that leaving, outsiders of the banking market can take and your savings.


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