Nikolaev diver Ilya Kvasha: Our pool closed, it was necessary to go in different places and to train hurriedly

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Europe on a diving and the bronze prize-winner of the Beijing Olympic Games Ilya Kvasha told Champion about hard life of the Ukrainian athlete, shared the impressions of the European championship and let know that he isn't going to emigrate from Ukraine.

Ilya, in the European championship you won at once two gold awards - and in an individual jump, and in pair. What you can tell about the Championship as a whole?

The European championship personally very much was pleasant to me. However, before we there went, even didn't know, on what to count, and whether there will be medals at us in general.


The reason isn't new: the preparatory period as that at all wasn't. Our pool in which we constantly trained, closed. Therefore it was necessary to go in different places and swoops if it is so possible to tell, train. Therefore, went on superiority of Europe without any confidence. Thank God that at us it turned out to bring medals of the highest test. It is very pleasant also that I could defend Champion's rank of Europe which won in 2008.

The success in the European championship is connected with force of our team, or rivals brought not the best structures?

Weak rivals weren't. All leading teams of Europe brought the strongest structures on the Championship. And our victory was such to itself an alloy of skill and the correct tactics. We decided to expose a little simplified program at competitions. As you can see, we didn't lose. Gold medal - the certificate of a right choice.

The Ukrainian athletes don't cease to surprise pleasantly the fans - without money, without halls and pools Ukrainians win at the largest competitions. At the expense of what?

You know, it is set of many factors - a spirit, internal discipline, the will to win, character. Besides there is a quite good psychological stability which became tempered for years of trainings and performances. The will to win is formed by that is bad to act to us, to athletes, it isn't allowed, and so-so - as - that and there is no wish. Here from here victories also undertake.

Athletes from other, more provided countries, aren't surprised to your progress?

Really, sometimes other athletes approach, speak: "Anything to yourselves as you in general so can jump! ".

The European championship ended, and you, probably, came back to trainings. Where and how now you are engaged?

At present we are on collecting in Kiev (conversation with Ilya took place last week -edition). It is good that though the Federation provided housing to us. And that before we lived, ate and trained only for the money. And it a little bit is unprofitable. And now to us in Kiev rented apartment in which we during collecting live. That is, already it is a little bit simpler. As well with the pool we while have no problems: us let free of charge in one of the Kiev pools, and we can quietly train there.

And how with pharmacology? After all all know that now victories are forged not so much on arenas, how many in laboratories.

While the pharmacology as that isn't present. After May 10, in principle, we have to have a training collecting in Zaporozhye. And so, there, maybe, also will bring any medicines. There and doctors have to be.

To you though speak when these disorders with training process will be eliminated and when the situation will be adjusted?

Now in the world very difficult financial situation. Not only the Ukrainian athletes don't have enough money. Such state of affairs is observed and in other countries. And we to today's difficulties treat with understanding.

Many think that athletes, namely, world champions, Europe, prize-winners of the Olympic Games, a priori, - rich people. Whether this statement is correct? You consider yourselves as the rich person?

Really, now sports for me are a main source of the income, my work. But I earn not so big money to consider itself as the wealthy person. Our income, divers and not only, by no means it is impossible to compare to salaries of football players. It is the sky and the earth.

Well, and if to compare the income of the Ukrainian divers to the income of colleagues, say, from Russia?

All the same, what to compare to football salaries! In Russia sports are supported by a state program, huge money is invested. For example, if I still in native Nikolaev wasn't given the promised apartment for bronze at the Olympic Games, in Russia each prize-winner was given on the car worth over 100 thousand dollars.

Quite recently in the press there was information that the known Ukrainian chess player Sergey Karyakin made the decision to move to Russia and to support team of this country. The reasons of such act - a difficult financial situation in Ukraine and lack of material support from the Ukrainian authorities. While nobody enticed you? And in general, what do you think of similar change of scenery?

I can't tell anything about it as with such similar offers while nobody addressed to me. But, if the similar offer arrived, I, probably, would think of it.

And how patriotism?

Certainly, I am the patriot of the country, I love it very much. That I in principle could consider similar offers, doesn't testify yet that I want where - that to leave.


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