About Nikolaev now know and in the UN. However, not from a positive side....

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Ukraine, taking the 76th place from 170 countries analyzed by the program of development of the UN about human development, considerably lags behind the European countries and even the next neighbors of Hungary, Russia, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania.

About it data of the last global report of the program of development of the UN in Ukraine testify to human development, the coordinator of UN system and the constant representative of the program of development of the UN in Ukraine Francis O'Donnell declared.

"Ukraine strongly lags behind the countries to it similar, such as Russia, Belarus, Romania and even lags behind Albania and Macedonia", - O'Donnell in a course of "a round table" on the subject "Human Development and European Choice of Ukraine", devoted to the new report on human development for 2008 emphasized.

According to the report, among neighboring countries the highest indicators of economic development in Croatia the 47th place, Belarus - 64, Russia - 67, and the lowest indicator at Moldova - the 111th place. Poland and Slovakia, according to the report, borrow 37 and the 42nd place respectively.

According to O'Donnell, the main criteria of definition of human development were not only the economy and education, but also medicine and the health care sphere, reports "Interfax - Ukraine".

"In Ukraine very sad situation in health sector. Expected life expectancy makes only 67,7 years", - O'Donnell told.

He also emphasized that probability of that the been born person will live till 60 years only 74%, and 26% at all have no chances to step over this barrier.

"Health is the fundamental parameter of our research. The economy grows, the income grows, an education level also at high level, but from the point of view of a demography and health indicators the situation worsens", - O'Donnell declared.

"It is explained by HIV distribution on all territory of Ukraine, and in three cities of Kiev, Odessa,Nikolaevit even accepted character of epidemic", - he explained.

At the same time data of the report testify as well that except negative aspects of development Ukraine in recent years managed to make progress in such spheres as reduction of absolute poverty, coverage of school education and decrease in mortality of mothers, newborns and children age till five years.


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