For the first months of this year the Nikolaev industrial enterprises significantly reduced production

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In April, 2009 production of an industrial output remained at the level of the last month. The increase in volumes of production concerning March was observed in production and electric power distribution - for 2,9%, in production of foodstuff and drinks - for 9,7%, in the chemical and petrochemical industry - for 16,5% and in a mining industry - twice, reports Head department of statistics in the Nikolaev area.

In January - April, 2009 in comparison with the similar period of last year the index of an industrial output made 78,8%. Reduction in production happened in all main types of industrial activity. In a mining industry the index of production made 41,5%, in production and electric power distribution - 73,5%, in processing industry - 82,4%.

The total amount of production of agriculture for January - April, 2009 in comparison with January - increased by 4,8%, including in the agricultural enterprises - for 19,3%, population farms - for 0,4% April, 2008.

The total amount of realization of agrarian production the agricultural enterprises increased by 3,4 times, including plant growing production - by 4,5 time, animal husbandry production - by 14,6%. The average prices of sale of agricultural production on all channels of realization fell by 35,9%, on plant growing production - for 39,9%, animal husbandry production - for 4,4%.

For May 1, 2009 in the agricultural enterprises and the enterprises which carry out storage, processing of grain and oil crops, there were available 550 thousand tons of grain (7,8% more than for May 1, 2008), including 287,7 thousand tons of wheat 2,5% less). Stocks of sunflower made 154,3 thousand tons, from them directly in the agrarian enterprises there were available 59,8 thousand tons, and in the enterprises which carry out its processing and storage - 94,5 thousand tons.

For January - March, 2009.the enterprises and the organizations at the expense of all sources of financing mastered 552 million UAH of investments into fixed capital (capital investments) that is 26,3% less, than in the corresponding period of 2008

For January - March, 2009 in area it is put into operation of 11,8 thousand sq.m of total area of housing that is 67,6% less, than in the corresponding period of previous year.

For January - April, 2009 by the enterprises of area it is executed construction works for the sum of 143,1 million UAH that made 35,3% of the amount of works, executed in January - April of previous year.

Amounts of works were reduced by all types of construction activity.

Essential influence on speed of construction had considerable reduction of volumes of construction works by the enterprises of the cities of Nikolaev (for 70,3%) and Yuzhnoukrainsk (for 36,6%) as their specific weight in all-regional volume made 88,2%.

For January - April, 2009 the motor and water transport of area transported 1,5 million t of freights, thus goods turnover made 264 million ткм that is, respectively, 16,7% less and 13,3% are more, than in January - April of last year. On moorings of trade ports, and also other enterprises 7,7 million t of freights that is 1,2% less than level of January - April, 2008 are processed. Since the beginning of year it is processed 800 суден, from them 727 - foreign and инфрахт.

Automobile, water and electrotransport 49,8 million passengers used services, the passenger turnover made 557,1 млн.пас.км that, respectively, for 15,3% and 6,8% less in comparison with January - April of the past year.

In January - March, 2009 the volume of export of goods made 275 mln. dollars of the USA and increased in comparison with the corresponding period of 2008 by 4,4%, import - 135,5 mln. dollars of the USA and was reduced by 34,5%. Export of services increased by 14,4% and made 42,7 mln. dollars of the USA, import - for 13,3% and equaled 9,5 mln. dollars of the USA. The positive balance of foreign trade in goods made 139,5 mln. dollars of the USA, services - 33,2 mln. dollars of the USA, and covering coefficients import export - 2 and 4,5 respectively.

The turn of retail trade (taking into account retail commodity turnover of the enterprises of retail trade, volumes of sale of goods in the markets and natural persons - businessmen) for January - April, 2009 made 2912,7 million UAH and was reduced by 16% against the corresponding period of previous year. The turn of restaurant economy was reduced by 5,9% and made 104,7 million UAH


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