That to the normal person three times death, to the Nikolaev drunk - it is good

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Presentthe forged alcoholic beverages become rather qualitatively, and will poison with them difficult, they are suitable for the use.For shadow business go only for the purpose of shelter from payment of taxes. It became known of it during a round table on the subject "Fight against Illicit Trafficking in Excisable Production" in GNA in the Nikolaev area.

As the manager of toxicological office of BSMPreportedSvetlana Markova, the patients who have most often arrived in hospital who complain that poisoned with "fake" vodka,actually have alcoholic intoxication. That is, simply, touch the superfluous. At some it is observedvascular crisisand other consequences of alcohol intake, as that.

-The lethal dose is considered 3,5 per milles in blood, - I toldSvetlana Markova, - nevertheless, we had cases when patients at whom in blood it was revealed to 9 per milles (!) arrived, and they still ran on an accident ward and swore at medical staff!Then these drunks receive the disability, received benefits spend on drink, we spend for them drugs, as for exempts who it is more necessary to normal people. And drunkards start drinking then in hospital, rob medical staff and other patients.

As the manager of toxicological office,explainednow people have weak protective functions of an organism. Therefore death cases from alcohol overdose became frequent. By 22-25 years many young people have cirrhosis.

- The reason for that in circles of youth the regular use of beer - beer alcoholism becomes frequent, - Svetlana Markova told. - Residents much of them any more. Cirrhosis can be caught, daily drinking 50 grams of alcohol. As it is possible to get diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path.

Now BSMP accepts on treatment 15 - summer children who also get there with alcoholic intoxication. Young alcoholics are treated in adult hospital, illness time at them too already adult …


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