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The state Accreditation commission of Ukraine at the meeting accepted on May 7 a number of the decisions concerning license volumes of reception and accreditation in the directions (specialties) in higher education institutions of Ukraine. This volume document in which there is a speech and about the Nikolaev higher education institutions, is published on the official site of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

NUK of the admiral Makarov.To this higher education institution license volumes of reception were changed to implementation of educational activity in the Specific Category direction specialty 8.000003 "Management of projects": if earlier license volume allowed to take 50 students on a hospital, now - on 25 students on day and correspondence forms of education. Besides, on representation of advisory councils the ecology and environmental protection", and also NUK of the admiral Makarov for May Day polytechnical college of May Day polytechnical institute the direction 0601 "Rights" in 5.060101 "Jurisprudence" were recognized accredited the Ecology direction 0708 on specialties 8.070801, 7.070801 and 6.070800 ".

NSU of V. Sukhomlinsky.To this higher education institution SAC recognized 0601 "Right" accredited the direction in 5.060101 "Jurisprudence" (as it is specified in the protocol SAC, "Without the right of a set") and 0803 "Mechanics" as 6.080300 "Mechanics". Besides, the decision to provide to this higher education institution the license for the direction 0803 "Mechanics" as 7.080301 "Mechanics" with a licensed capacity of reception of 25 people was made.

ChGU of the Item. Graves. Concerning this higher education institution SAC made many decisions. So, the license for the direction 0305 "Economy and business" in the specialty 6.030509 "The account and audit" with a licensed capacity of reception of 30 people is provided to university. Volumes of the licensed enrollment of students in the direction 0501 "Economy and business" in 7.050104 "Finance" - with 30 to 60 (retraining), in the direction 0601 "Rights" in the specialty 7 are increased.060101 "Jurisprudence" - with 25 to 60 people on a correspondence department (volumes of the licensed reception on a hospital - 60 people - remained without changes). Besides, the decision on providing the license for professional development of shots on the preparation direction 0402nd "Sociology" (all for a year - 200 people) was made.

Also SAC made the decision to postpone ChGU licensing for Tbilisi institute in the directions 0203 "Humanities" (specialty 6.020303 "Philology (English)"), 0301 "Socially - political sciences" (specialty 6.030104 "Political science") and 0302 "The international relations" (specialty 6.030201 "International relations"), and to refuse accreditation to the direction 0304 "Right" (specialty 6.030402 "Jurisprudence").

Nikolaev polytechnical institute.SAC made the decision to postpone direction 0501 accreditation "Economy and business" in the specialty 7.050105 and 6.050100 "Banking", and also in the specialty 7.050106 and 6.050100 "The account and audit".

Nikolaev state agrarian university. Only one decision SAC - on providing the license for professional development in "Finance" according to the "Ekspertno — a Monetary Assessment of the Land Plots" program (the volume of the licensed reception of all for a year - 1000 people) concerned this higher education institution.

Nikolaev state college of economy and food technologies. In the decision SAC is a question only about pleasant - of recognition accredited the directions 0501 "Economy and the right" the specialties 5.050111 "Accounting", 0503rd "Trade" of specialty 5.050301 "Merchandizing and commercial activity", 0504th "Tourism" of specialty 5.050403 "The service organization in hotels both tourist complexes" and 0917 "Food technology and engineering" specialties 5.091711 "Technology of food".

State university "Nikolaev polytechnical college". SAC recognized accredited the directions: 0501 "Economy and business" in 5.050111 "Accounting", 0902 "Engineering mechanics" in the specialty 5.090256 "Installation and design of ship cars and mechanisms", 1002 "The ships and an ocean engineering" as 5.100202 "Sudokorpusostroyeniye". But SAC refused accreditation on retraining on the direction 0501 "Economy and business" in 5.050111 "Accounting".

Nikolaev basic medical college.SAC recognized accredited the Pharmacy direction 1102 in 5.110201 "Pharmacy".


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