Once again the auction on sale 3-x tows of Shipbuilding plant to them 61 Communard didn't take place

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The auction on sale 3-x tows of Shipbuilding plant to them 61 Communard didn't take place from - that there are no buyers. About it report Sea business - news of Ukraine.

It already the second failed attempt of the management of plant to pay off with debts on a salary selling already leased property.

The first attempt happened on May 21. The Izumrud Commodity exchange has to carry out auction.

The starting prices were determined so:



Name of property

Starting price

(UAH without NDS)


Tow - a pusher "Captain Dobrovolsky"

3 234 380,00


Tow "October"

3 184 860,00


Tow "Kommunarovets"

2 727 800,00

In total

9 147 040,00

It is amusing that the starting price of tows is twice higher than their estimated cost and tows is in rent at the third parties and that on tows the debt of 1,9 million UAH which, together with the property rights will pass to the shipowner "hangs".

In 2 - the m auction by the only participant acted port "Nick - Tera". The auction is declared by the cancelled - since, by rules, in them has to take part not to exchange 2-x subjects.

Now the seller and the shipowner should start all procedure anew, on what not less than a month will leave: for such term potential buyers have to be notified on auction through the newspaper ""Ridne Pribuzhzhya". Besides, considering that 1-е the auction didn't take place - the norm on which organizers of the auction can reduce the price of the sum up to 30% (2 744 112 UAH) i.e. - to 6 402 928 UAH comes into force. That is already obviously closer to the real price of tows established by the Act of an assessment.

By the way, whether will be "Nick - Tera" to take part in the new auction - not clearly. Submitting the application for participation at having paid a guarantee contribution, the port didn't possess all necessary information.At auction "A nickname - the Terra" applied only for 1 tow from 3-x. When the representative of the port of Vladimir Minov learned that buying even 1 tow, "A nickname - the Terra" will get the debt hanging on all 3-x (we remind, 1,9 million UAH) his enthusiasm considerably decreased. So possibility of failure 2-го formal (and 3-го real) auction is high.


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