Cottage construction of Nikolaev

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Successful nikolayevets stretched with disorder of the USSR to the country. Everything began with the massif which has received in the people the name Tsarskoye Selo.

Here - on a stage between Nikolayev and his remote area October the Nikolaev aluminous plant allocated sites under individual for - building. At that time directors especially didn't reflect on ecology and therefore tried to do so that people didn't live near harmful production. But it is far not at everyone funds for building, and the land plots sufficed sold.

Gradually they concentrated at local elite, but the massif didn't receive the status of the cottage settlement. Everyone built as wanted, disregarding norms of city construction. Without green zones and the unified architectural plan. Today Tsarskoye Selo - no more, than a monument of an era of reorganization with narrow small streets and faceless houses in which the balcony often comes to fence level.

Since then growth of welfare of inhabitants of Nikolaev considerably grew. Demand for country building increased also. Its second wave is now observed. The reasons - in a rise in prices for the land plots in the city. In Nikolaev land values under the builder - a stvo of the house vary from 5-and to 50-and of $ thousands for a hundred part. In the center (the area of streets Pushkin and Soviet) the prices can reach and 100 thousand. In more remote areas areas (A watering place, the Wide beam, October) the prices, as a rule, not пре - вышают $25 thousand for a hundred part.

Desire to live out of town, and in it only to work, provokes not only growing dynamics of the prices, but also a worsening ecological situation. Owing to the geographical arrangement, Nikolaev can't protect itself neither from winds, nor from production influence. Every day becomes more sharply and a saturation problem the motor transport.

Until recently sale of land in suburbs was the main tendency in Nikolaev.Unlike Odessa where the idea systems - telstvo a town - houses was widely adopted, in Nikolaev the main attention is paid to a big format. Interest to it is so great that the buyer quite often agrees on tempting offers to construct to it a cottage on the sites rented by the builder for long term at other legal entities.

Today these tendencies change, conceding to the standard rules of cottage construction. The example first to that - the cottage town "Pearl". It in - consecrate kilometers from Nikolaev near the Kiev route in the general territory of 45 hectares of the beginning to build the Businessprofstroy company.

The settlement is built in a river bend the Southern Bug in borders of the village of Guryevk, having received - shy popularity of subjects what exactly here in 1939 the director Ivan Pyryev removed a banner - the nity movie "Tractor operators". In the territory of 45 hectares it is planned to create administration with shops, it is sports - the entertainment complex covered by the pool, a tennis court, platforms for volleyball, basketball, soccer, places for children's rest. At the river it is supposed to equip fishing docks.

The territory allocated for individual building with cottages, occupies 26 hectares. It is divided into 150 sites from 10-and to 25 hundred parts. Depending on a site site today its price makes $2,5 - $4,5 thousand for with - I weave. Still - $1,3 thousand for m ² are estimated at $1 the cost of 1 m ² works, including the builder - a stvo of the cottage and laying of internal communications.

"Pearl of Bug" it is planned to build by an example of the Crimean construction with raznourovnevy roads. In this place rocky breeds are located. It gives the chance to land in specially taken away green zones decorative growing - the niya, adapted for life in these conditions.

The cottage town "Pearl of Bug" is planned to put into operation in 2009. The total cost of the project is estimated at 25 million UAH

It isn't excluded that until the end of the year in Nikolaev it will be declared and other projects in the field of cottage construction. Builders continue a choice of sites which could interest buyers.

In Nikolaev to make it not easy. Towards Kherson almost all earth is allocated under cultivated areas, including to farms. The next settlement with modern communications - Nikolaev where the Sandora plant is located. But nearby there is a Kulbakinsky airfield from which and today military planes fly up.Agree, not the best place for a choice under town construction. Shevchenko's settlement is more removed from airfield. However, it is located already in 27 kilometers from the city. And besides - in the naked steppe. Neither rivers nearby, nor woods.

Vryad - whether it is worth expecting emergence of modern cottages on the Kirovograd route from - for its low-densities of population and lack of communications. The situation in the direction of Krivoi Rog is slightly better. As option it is possible to consider opportunity systems - telstvo of modern cottage massifs near the settlements of Tashkent and Meshkovo - Pogorelovo. However, at the river Ingul near the route is a little big free sites. Having gathered it is possible to construct no more than 5-6 cottages.

The most perspective direction - towards Odessa. There are perspective sites along the route. But bigger interest, certainly, causes proximity to the sea. Builders conduct active work on a choice of the land square at territories Ocha - кова. Despite relative range from Nikolaev and the inconvenient road, among nikolayevets the desire to have a cottage in this place grows.


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