The general contractor who built a dam on the Danube — the Black Sea channel in 2007-2008 is close to bankruptcy

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Opposition between the customer of construction of GP "The Delta — the Pilot" and the previous general contractor of JSC Ukrmorshlyakh can lead to elimination of the last. About it reports Ukrrudprom, with reference to "Comments".

One of the conflicts is in the home stretch round dam construction for the canal Danube - the Black Sea. The new lawsuit initiated by the customer of construction, - GP "The Delta — the Pilot" concerning JSC Ukrmorshlyakh which was engaged in dam construction in 2007-2008 became the next reason for its discussion.

In the middle of April "The delta - the pilot" appealed to Economic court of the Nikolaev area with the claim about opening of business on bankruptcy of the contractor. The court was accepted for good reason by Stakhanov rates: On April 21 it was accepted to consideration. And already at the following meeting, on April 28, referring to existence of a debt to the creditor and absence of the debtor in a place of registration, the court declared JSC Ukrmorshlyakh bankrupt and opened liquidating procedure. The arbitration managing director Alexander Shchebetko is appointed the liquidator. By data, the debt approved by court of 405,5 thousand UAH became the basis for the decision on bankruptcy. The announcement in the Golos Ukrainy newspaper of May 8 says that the liquidator within a month accepts claims from creditors of the Nikolaev open company.

The history of relationship of the Nikolaev GP "The Delta — the Pilot" and JSC Ukrmorshlyakh originates on September 21, 2007 when GP "The Delta — the Pilot" directed Victor Bezdolny. Under the agreement with GP the Nikolaev open company acted as the general contractor of works on construction of a protecting dam of the project of creation of a deep-water ship course Danube - the Black Sea, and also the contractor of performance of dredging works on sites of the Kherson sea channel. In 2007 in the budget on construction of a dam 69 million UAH were provided at the general estimate of cost of works on a channel construction in the sum of 543,453 million UAH. To finish the works defined by the agreement it was planned not later than April, 2008, however it wasn't succeeded to finish them in time.Problems of the company coincided with change of the management of GP which after a two-year break was headed again by Alexander Golodnitsky. "The delta - the pilot" accused the contractor of non-performance of the agreement and declared intention to refuse its services, and "Ukrmorshlyakh" tried to prolong terms of performance of work through court. Further the parties made each other multimillion claims. "The delta - the pilot" declared that according to acts of performance of work the contractor laid in a body of a dam only 6616 m3 of a stone, that is 5% of the total amount of works, and outstanding there were 95% of amount of works, or 125 684 m3 of a stone. "Ukrmorshlyakh", in turn, insisted that the customer simply doesn't sign acts of performance of work and, as a result, for them doesn't pay. The mutual financial claims of the enterprises reflected in a number of claims, are estimated in more than 20 million UAH

Meanwhile these lawsuits didn't become a hindrance for carrying out the new tender which in August, 2008 was won by the Mariupol company "Azovmekh", having got thereby access to allocated for construction of a site of a dam of 86,27 million UAH. And already this spring "The delta - the pilot" and Ministry of Transport reported on performance of the planned works.

At the same time "The delta - the pilot" decided to approach to lawsuits with the old contractor from other party and submitted to Economic court of the Nikolaev area the claim about JSC Ukrmorshlyakh recognition by the bankrupt. As poured out in a judgment of April 28 and opening of liquidating procedure.

The director of GP "The Delta — the Pilot" Alexander Golodnitsky in conversation with the correspondent "k: " I declared that the customer of construction first of all counts on repayment of the general debt to it. By its assessment, it makes about 23 million UAH from which 15,3 million are added by the act of CREWE, and more than 8 million UAH - return of unfinished advance payment and various penalties.

The JSC Ukrmorshlyakh company has debts and to subcontractors who participated in performance of work. Anyway, at present the debtor has no property with which it could pay off before creditors.


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