CREWE accuses housing and communal services Department of the Nikolaev Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies of forgery, deception and theft

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CREWE accuses housing and communal services Department of falsification of documents and plunder of budgetary funds.

- As soon as auditors find violation, especially in the plane of overestimate of volumes and the cost of works, contractors try in all waysto mislead auditors by forgery, falsification of acts of the performed works, inclusion in them unreliable information about volumes and cost involved in process of work of materials, the equipmentetc., - reports a press - service CREWE in the Nikolaev area. -The specified is confirmed with Department audit zhilishchno - municipal servicesexecutive committee of the Nikolaev city councilconcerning a condition of use of means of the subvention provided from the state budget on implementation of actions for energy saving, and also on transfer of housing stock and objects socially - the cultural sphere of the Ministry of Defence in municipal property from 01.01.2007 for 01.01.2009 to which illegal expenses on the sum over 220 thousand UAH

are established

It was the result of overestimate by contractors is repair - construction works of their cost, including:

JSC Southern Technical Company - 175,7 thousand UAH;

JSC Nikolayevgorstroy - 36,5 thousand UAH;

JSC Pik-Garant - 7,1 thousand UAH,

It should be noted that during department audit for the purpose of clarification of reliability and correctness of determination of cost and amounts of works counter verifications of the subjects stated above, and also MAP private enterprise were carried out.

As it appeared, in state of emergency of "MAP" which carried out works on equipment of engineering inputs of multiroom houses Nikolaev means of the accounting of consumption of cold water, separate acts of acceptance of the performed contract works for total amount of 909,8 thousand UAH were checked. Violations aren't established.

By also control measurements of works actually performed by these contractor on ten objects of a divergence aren't revealed.

In JSC Pik-Garantfrom the acts of the performed works worth about 3,8 million UAH captured by audit,violations for the sum of 7,1 thousand UAHare revealed. And it generally because the enterprise didn't reduce the cost of works by the cost of the dismantled steel electrowelded pipes which are suitable for further use.

In JSC Nikolayevgorstroyit is captured by audit acts for the sum over 2 million UAH. Overestimate of cost of works onis established36,5 thousandUAH. Thus the cost of works which were performed directly by the contractor, is overestimated on26,3 thousand UAH and on 10,2 thousand UAHthe cost of works is overestimated by subcontractors, including: JSC Svetolyuks elektromontazh (8,5тыс.грн. ) JSC Nikopozhtekhservice (1,7 thousand UAH).

In JSC Southern Technical Companyacts of the performed works worth 771,1 thousand UAH are checked. Are revealedviolationsfor the sum175,7 thousand UAH

In particular the contractor to acts of the performed works on boiler room reconstruction on Karpenko St., 20I included doubtful data on the installed boiler equipment.Namely in the act other, more expensive models of coppers and zapalnik to them are displayed, than it was actually.The sum of overestimate made 150,5 thousand UAH

Besides, the specified society the cost of works switched on control panels by coppers for the sum23,2 thousand UAH, which separately weren't got by it, and they were included in the package of coppers.

It is impossible to disregard that fact thatrepresentatives of JSC Southern Technical Company during counter verification provided to auditors the forged documents which contained unreliable information about the acquired equipment, and in some cases, had a contradiction.

Unfortunately, auditors didn't manage to carry out counter verification inJSC NVP Yugteplomer, which during the auditing period works on equipment of multiroom houses by means of the accounting of thermal energy for total amount of 3,3 million UAH

were performed

At an exit to object to the actual address of this society of auditors to verification it isn't allowed. Orally former director reported that the enterprise is in an elimination stage therefore accounting and other documents are transferred to the head of the liquidating commission. This enterprise is really declared bankrupt. However the decision on its elimination was made in December, 2008. This fact was purposely suppressed.JSC NVP Yugteplomer took part and won the tender of 10.12.2008 for work at the expense of budgetary funds on the device of means of the accounting of thermal energy for the sum of 141,6 thousand UAH which were financed and mastered in full. Such relation and position of the enterprise don't exclude possibility of existence of violations when performing by it of works on the ZhKG department order.

Applied during audit by ZhKG department by measures elimination of violations by calculations with the contractor in full is provided.


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