Nikolayevtsa now will be able to sleep peacefully? In the city seriously undertook pleasure institutions

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It is known that the person is free to act voluntarily, but only until thereby doesn't violate the right of other person. Including - and the right for good rest. However those people who live in the area of Pobeda park about this rest, as they say, can dream only from - for continuous noise and loud music which is distributed from pleasure institutions.

As reports a press - service of the Nikolaev Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies, this problem was lifted and at meeting of the administrative commission at executive committee of the Nikolaev City Council. This meeting took place at the beginning of June under the leadership of the deputy of the mayorAleksandra Zhenzherukhiand with the assistance of the senior assistant prosecutor of the city of NikolaevAndrey Alekseev.

The law of Ukraine "About ensuring sanitary and epidemic wellbeing of the population", and also of 08.07.05 No. 34/25 "About the approval of Rules of observance of silence in public places in the territory of the city of Nikolaev" time of rest and silence is determined by the decision of city councilfrom 22.00 till 8.00.At this time use of the sound-reproducing equipment, loud singing, shouts and other sources of household noise is forbidden.

Violation of these requirements involves attraction to administrative responsibility according to the current legislation. At the first accountability the violator should pay a penaltyto 510 UAH, at the repeated - alreadyto 2550 UAH, with confiscation of the sound-reproducing equipment and withdrawal of permission to trade.

In spite of the fact that these acts work not the first year, from the beginning of a summer season calls from the indignant citizens with complaints to music loudly sounding at night on objects of trade and the public catering, located indon't ceasePobeda park.

The raid which has been carried out by specialists of city departments of trade and services sector together with the local police inspector of the Central RO revealed that complaints of citizens aren't groundless.

On the representative of object of trade, to whose address the greatest number of complaints arrived, the protocol on an administrative offense was made. As the local police inspector, the senior lieutenantspecifiedD. Danilovthe businessman violated Art. 182 of the Code of Ukraine about administrative offenses: "Violation of requirements legislative and others is standard - legal acts of protection of the population from an adverse effect of noise or rules of observance of silence in settlements and public places". This protocol also was considered at commission meeting.

Result of consideration - not only a penalty in a size255 UAH, but also cancellation of permission to trade. As it became clear that to the businessman it was granted permission only for implementation of seasonal portable trade without music and a disco.

Following the results of meetingAlexander ZhenzherukhaI gave an assignment to members of an adminkomissiya together with the local police inspector of the Central RO NSU Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area to continue active work on check of observance by subjects of business activity of requirements of the legislation of Ukraine, decisions of city council and conditions of permissions to trade.

As reports a press - service of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies, at identification of violations guilty will be immediately brought to administrative responsibility, and, probably, are deprived of permissions to trade, according to the current legislation of Ukraine. Such methods will be how effective, will show time. It should be noted only that this problem exists any more the first year, but "things are right where they started" …


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