Beaches of the Koblevsky recreation area had an owner?

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Today it became known that in April of this year between the state enterprise "Ochakov Lesookhotnichye Economy" and AAS private enterprise the contract about transfers of 9 hectares of the Koblevsky beach to temporary use, for a period of 49 years was signed.

Director of state of emergency of "AAS"Elena Polyakovasays that in their using there is a territory of a beach of all Nikolaev bases and part of the territory of a beach of "the Moldavian zone", to the bar "Lock". According to its data, the contract has to be approved soon at the level of Berezansky regional administration and Nikolaevka the regional state administrations.

In the heart of the coast of Koblevo - in the territory of "the Moldavian zone" already there were first well-groomed platforms for rest. In this regard, on the resort town hearings that the entrance on beaches will be paid spread. Elena Anatolyevna in conversation with the correspondent of disproved these hearings. "We aren't going to do a beach paid. For a start, we should do huge work on beach reduction in compliance to all sanitary standards. And only after that, we will organize so-called VIP-zones on a beach. It will be places where for a small payment vacationers will be able to lease a chaise lounge with a mattress, to hide from the sun under an umbrella, to drink soft drinks", - Svetlana Polyakova speaks.

Entrance to a VIP-zone, to be exact using chaise lounges and umbrellas is right, will cost about 10 hryvnias. Vacationers will have an alternative, where and how to sunbathe: free of charge - lying on sand, or for 10 hryvnias - on specially equipped platform.

Under the terms of the contract state of emergency "AAS" has to contain a beach in compliance of all sanitary standards, continuous cleaning has to be carried out, locker rooms and shower booths also have to be established. According to safety rules, on a beach through each 300 meters the life-saving station has to settle down.

"We want that to Koblevo became the civilized resort. In the plans of our organization is reduction of the sea coast in the corresponding look. After all in Koblevo already there were comfortable recreation facilities, good restaurants, night clubs.And beaches till today leave much to be desired", - the director of "AAS" Elena Polyakova declares.

According to her statement, for beach cleaning this year 2 specialized cars were already bought. Beach cultivation - a sand vzrykhleniye, cleaning of stones and weeds was carried out.

With one more innovation is going to please vacationers "new owners of beaches". In the area of "the Moldavian zone", the team of animators who organize leisure of children of different age already started working at a beach, giving the chance of them to parents to relax and have a rest on a beach. For this purpose directly on sand the scene which draws to itself attention of vacationers cheerful unostentatious music is established. In the evenings the free disco will be carried out in the same place.

"AAS" management already made the order for development of the project of appearance of all coast. All locker rooms, shower, umbrellas and VIP-zones have to look esthetically and to be sustained in one style and color scale. This project will be carried out next year. "For now we only accustom and try to present a complete picture of how Koblevo's beach in the near future" will look, - Elena Polyakova speaks.

Representatives of Berezansky regional administration conducted yesterday survey of vacationers on a subject: Whether "Similar changes are pleasant to you? ".Lyudmila Kravtsova- the acting deputy head of Berezansky district administration concerning development of the coast and trade says that dissatisfied while isn't present. "I communicated with vacationers from Nikolaev, Kirovograd, Odessa, Kishinev. All of them were happy that in Koblevo there were VIP-zones for rest on a beach. Vacationers prove the approval by that now they can not be afraid to leave the things on a beach, not to worry about the children. Besides, through such recreation areas annoying dealers don't go. They consider that Koblevo the good resort, and such service on its beaches and didn't suffice", - Lyudmila Kravtsova speaks.


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