Results of year in medicine of the Nikolaev area: HIV growth - AIDS suspended though to health care doesn't suffice neither shots, nor salaries

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On the third Sunday of this month, on June 21, Ukraine will celebrate Day of the physician. In this regard head of department of health care of the Nikolaev regional state administrationSvetlana HotinaI gave a press - conference at which summed up the results of year.

- Last year was the most successful in respect of financing, - she told. -Practically all medical institutions of area considerably improved the financially - technical condition. So, the angiograph worth 8 million 290 thousand hryvnias which gives the chance to reveal heart troubles to warn a heart attack is bought. In regional hospital the reception is opened.The special attention was paid to villages. For the first time from the regional budget it was allocated 1,9 million hryvnias for reconstruction of rural medical institutions. On 54 objects reconstruction is carried out. Plus on 2 million it is bought the equipment (beginning from gynecologic chairs and finishing medical assistant's bags). It was necessary to see faces of paramedics when they received the equipment. They so rejoiced.

Besides, physicians managed to suspend growth of mortality of children.

- We finished year in the five of the best on infantile mortality, thanks to regional children's hospital, - Svetlana Hotina told.

Despite that on AIDS and tuberculosis the Nikolaev area takes leading places in Ukraine, indicators on these diseases became more encouraging.

-We increased number of inspections by HIV - AIDS, - the head of department told. -Thus rates of a gain of an illnessdidn't increase as it usually happens at increase in number of inspections, anddecreased. The number of identifications of HIV - AIDS at aged people from 16 to 29 years was considerably reduced. I think that the youth understands a problem and chooses a healthy lifestyle. After all today drug addiction - any more the most widespread way of infection. To this trouble get the whole families. In most cases people catch not through a syringe, and sexually.Thus at infected sexually the illness proceeds worse and quicker, than at those who caught, using a needle.

Also the incidence of tuberculosis decreased. However Svetlana Hotina considers, what not on long. After all this year - crisis: the number of the unemployed increases, salaries are late.

-It is difficult to predict what will be a situation with tuberculosis, but crisis will unambiguously aggravate development of an illness, - I stated the chief physician of area.

Intense there is a situation with oncological diseases. The Nikolaev area is on the fourth place in Ukraine by number of such patients. Especially many Nikolaev women are illcancer of a mammary gland.

- Around the world the woman finds at herself deviations and asks for the help. But our women of it don't do, and it is a problem, - Svetlana Hotina told.

At men often meetscancer of a prostate gland. Besides, in area high rates onto cancer of skin.

Also the situation withbecomes aggravatedhepatitis C, which usually accompanies HIV epidemic - AIDS.Every year at 500 people reveal Pagehepatitis

The main problem of medicine in the Nikolaev area is a staffing.To the region doesn't get 1200 doctors.Especiallyphthisiatricians, radiologists and laboratory assistants. And here obstetricians and gynecologists more, than it is enough.

To solve this problem, the management of area considers opportunity to open the corresponding specialty on the basis of university of a name of Sukhomlinsky.

-After eight years of training the young doctor receives a rate - 870 hryvnias, - Svetlana Hotina defined the problem reason. - Only 50 thousand doctors left Ukraine. It is a problem not only the Nikolaev area. We observe mass outflow of physicians.

Despite a huge personnel problem, the Nikolaev physicians could improve a situation with HIV - AIDS, the tuberculosis, many other diseases. Besides, the situation with mortality improved. If in 2005 20 thousand people died, and was born - 10 thousand, in 2008 - 19 thousand died, and 13 thousand were born.

In a threshold of Day of the physician Svetlana Hotina addressed to all medical workers:

-I the wish to colleagues, first of all, health, the world and the sun over the head. And all the rest - will develop.


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