"National self-defense" in Nikolaev didn't allow the mountain - to the lawyer to deceive peasants

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On June 15 it became known that the conflict between inhabitants of the village of Mikhaylo - Larino Zhovtnevogo of the region of the Nikolaev area and the private lawyer from Nikolaev moved a little permissions.

Several weeks ago tens inhabitants of the village addressed in a public reception of "National self-defense" in Nikolaev with the complaint to the private lawyer who promised to help people with paperwork on receiving a land share and took a deposit for work in the amount of 300 to 1000 hryvnias, however didn't carry out the corresponding works, and the received money refuses to give. Peasants had a suspicion that the lawyer tries to carry out frauds with the corresponding documentation which they provided to it. In complaints of peasants also it was noted that to actions of the lawyer - the schemer the involved rural chairman S. Krizhanovsky.

It should be noted that in Mikhaylo's village - Larino the earth isn't divided into shares. It is connected with that at the time of the USSR the state farm operated on the territory of the village, subsequently land grounds passed into the agricultural cooperative which management often changed. And the present management of the village headed by the rural chairman S. Krizhanovsky doesn't hurry распаевывать the earth.

Thanks to actions of the Nikolaev regional representation of the civil movement "National Self-defense" it was succeeded to force the lawyer - the schemer to return money and documents to several inhabitants of the village. However "National self-defense" notes that the grief - the lawyer tries to avoid to fulfill the obligations in relation to other peasants.

The head of the regional organization "National Self-defense" Sergey Burnazakinim delivered a task to the deputies to finish working off of complaints of inhabitants of the village of Mikhaylo - Larino throughout summer.


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